Answering Questions from the Community(Aug 2023)

6 min readOct 26, 2023

1- Could you provide insights into the future development plans for each project, with a focus on Triathon?

First and foremost, we’d like to express our gratitude to the early investors of Triathon for their trust and unwavering support.

The progress of any project is a journey that demands time, patience, and the accumulation of technological expertise. Over the first three quarters of this year, we’ve achieved substantial milestones. By harnessing AI in security testing, Triathon has introduced five blockchain security products. We’ve also implemented a bug data labeling initiative for “bounty hunters’’ and formed a “Security Alliance’’ through collaboration with various Web 3 projects.

Furthermore, we’re excited to announce that in Q4, Triathon will be unveiling AI-driven data vulnerability labeling and model training products. Our dedicated team is putting in relentless effort to bring the sixth security product to life, focusing on on-chain data tracking and analysis.

Presently, we are actively gearing up for the listing of Triathon and are preparing to launch incentive programs for early participants before the listing. Triathon is committed to ensuring the rights of early users. To stay updated with the latest information regarding the Triathon listing, please follow the official Twitter accounts of Triathon and Trias.

As I said in the previous AMA in 2021, the Trias ecosystem consists of seven core projects, each with its distinct value proposition, technical architecture, tokenomics, application focus, and ecosystem roadmap. Over the past two years, we have successfully launched four of these: Triathon, Tusima, Ethanim, and FLock.

These four initiated eco projects are steadily gaining traction, and the ecosystem’s model is evolving toward increased maturity and cohesion. Currently, we’ve concentrated all our focus and technical resources on these initiated projects to ensure their continuous growth and success.

Additionally, we have plans to gradually roll out the remaining eco projects, commencing in Q4. We’re highly anticipating the launch of these upcoming projects. At present, we’re in the process of preparing for the first testnet of Trias’ eco project, Leviatom, with the aim of opening it to the community in December. To encourage early participation, we’ll be offering special testing incentives to community members.

The Leviatom testnet will offer the community access to globally distributed cloud computing resources. Users can deploy a range of decentralized services through this testnet, providing them with a hands-on experience of the smooth transition from traditional Web 2.0 applications to Dapps of Web 3. They will also benefit from the convenience that comes with Leviatom’s integration of on-chain and off-chain computing.

Lastly, I’m thrilled to share the progress made with Real World Assets (RWA) within our project. The business model and calculation of economic feasibility have entered the initial stages of development. We have also identified early pilot partners in the domain of physical assets. We firmly believe that, in the near future, leveraging the trusted network built on Trias Layer ‘-1’, we will introduce a novel economic paradigm to the entire blockchain industry. This will empower the complete value chain for tokenizing RWA value through the Trias project. As a result, Trias tokens will attain increased utility, and Trias holders will enjoy specific rights and benefits.

2- What recent progress has been made in collaboration with Japanese partners?

During my recent AMA, I also discussed our extensive collaborations with partners in Japan, with the aim of deepening our cooperation even further. In the near future, I will be traveling to Japan for in-depth discussions with these partners to further strengthen our collaboration.

We have conducted extensive collaborative testing with a Web 2.0 payment project, successfully achieving a comprehensive integration of offline payment data. Our tests encompass over 16 million real-world offline transactions, amounting to over 200 million USD. The daily count of on-chain transactions has reached one million, with daily payment volumes exceeding 10 million USD.

Moving forward, our plan is to bridge this extensive Web 2.0 dataset to Web 3.0 through an EVM-compatible network. Furthermore, we intend to leverage authentic data from Web 2.0 to construct an RWA (Real World Assets) business model and develop an RWA protocol. These initiatives will empower industry practitioners to create a wider array of diverse and captivating Dapps.

These groundbreaking explorations are poised to provide billions of Web 2.0 users worldwide with convenient access to Web 3.0, significantly expanding the landscape of Web 3.0 application scenarios. This marks the foundation for the seamless integration of Web 2.0 and Web 3.0, as well as the proliferation of Web 3.0 applications.

3- As the ETH London Hackathon is about to kick off, could you share some insights into what exciting content and experiences Trias has prepared to offer the participants?

As the Gold Sponsor for the ETH London Hackathon scheduled for the end of October, Trias is excited to make this announcement. Over the past few months, we’ve been dedicated to exploring trustworthy and reliable intelligent autonomous systems, continually achieving technological breakthroughs. For this event, Triathon, Tusima, FLock, and Ethanim are coming together to promote the Trias ecosystem. We hope to attract more tech talents to join our ecosystem development.

We’re offering generous rewards and exquisite giveaways to the tech teams and participants joining in the event. You can choose to tackle challenges related to zkBridge cross-chain technology, as planned by Tusima, or immerse yourself in FLock to unlock the fusion of AI and Web3 technologies. Additionally, we will be hosting workshops on data rights and privacy solutions, exploring how to build future solutions using Trias technology.

The start of the event is rapidly approaching, and we can’t wait to meet enthusiastic participants and devs there!

4- When will the Ambassador Program be launched?

Because we initiated the TRIAS listing plan ahead of schedule, the Trias Ambassador Program will be postponed until early November. When we choose ambassadors, we’ll be looking for individuals who can make a real positive difference in the Trias community, aiding in expanding the project’s reach and advancing ecosystem growth. Trias will work alongside other eco projects to develop comprehensive incentive programs for our ambassadors. Please keep an eye out for forthcoming updates regarding our Ambassador Program.

5- Responses to questions regarding ERC-20 deposits and other community concerns.

I understand that the community’s primary concerns currently revolve around ERC-20 deposits. As previously communicated to the community, we are proactively capitalizing on opportunities in the gradually evolving market, while coordinating resources to propel the development of the Trias ecosystem. We’ve aligned with some of our exchanges to open ERC-20 deposits. This will be done gradually over the next few weeks, starting with BitMart. TRIAS staking will be launched soon, and we’re making sure that ERC-20 holders will be able to participate in staking their tokens while they wait.

Although we have faced unexpected challenges along our development journey, resulting in deviations from our initial plans and timelines, we maintain our belief that these issues will be resolved. These hurdles are merely inherent in our developmental path. We won’t shy away from them; instead, we are committed to discovering solutions. Please rest assured that we will surmount these challenges, with the community’s trust and support serving as the driving force behind our continued development.


- Communication with the KuCoin team is progressing, and we’re happy to announce that discussion has been very positive. We understand your frustration in regard to how long it’s taking to get this sorted, but there are still some details that need to be worked out. Please be patient until we can give a more comprehensive update.

- Regarding the closure of MEXC Futures, we are still waiting (they have an internal process). We know this is an urgent topic and are putting pressure on them to get it down swiftly.

- The total amount of Trias tokens in circulation will be fully released within this month, and we will also make an official announcement at that time.

We’re also actively moving forward with other planned events, and we will be sure to share any updates with you as things progress. We are very pleased with the overall development and progress of the Trias ecosystem, and are entering a very exciting phase. We’re thrilled to be on this journey together with you, our community!

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