Answering Questions from the Community (Aug 2022)

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August has been a busy and productive month for us. We got much that we want to share with you. Together with questions raised by the community, we invite our CEO to give us detailed updates.

1. When do you expect mass promotion to begin?

In my mind, mass promotion depends on two factors. One is our products are ready to be applied widely and to create substantial value for our users. The other is the whole market becomes warmer and more attentive to the crypto community’s engagements.

On the one hand, the development of all the eco-projects has been ongoing. Triathon has taken a lot of time in developing the backend CORE platform which is a key segment for providing blockchain and smart contract-based auditing and testing services for enterprises. Ethanim is working on creating a location-based AR metaverse, which requires a completely decentralized and independent infrastructure. It also requires a lot of development backstage. All of the previously mentioned work has actually made some breakthroughs, and new features will come online step-by-step in the coming months.

On the other hand, we are paying lots of attention to the overall market and choosing the proper timing to start our promotion. We will certainly have more promotional actions to attract users when the time is ready. We are also working on illustrative videos to present our ideas better, regarding our different eco-projects. Once finished, we will post the videos on social platforms.

2. Question regarding exchange listing

At present, the most important thing for me is to get our eco-projects listed on exchanges, and we are seeking overseas C-suites for our eco-projects, as I said in my July AMA. With the eco-project token being swapped and minted with TRIAS, we will guarantee the core interest of TRIAS holders while avoiding regulation issues. I will start my overseas business trip in September to accelerate this process. I will go to the UK, Japan, and Singapore to look for potential candidates and business partners.

3. What’s your drive to increase the value of TRIAS?

As I said in the last AMA, our project is not funded by token but by our business system. The business helps us get a better understanding of the pain points of the industry. Of course, we also hope that TRIAS has a good performance in exchanges, which will bring us more users. And the users’ feedback will help us improve our product which will help us get better exposure to the market and bring us good revenue. With good revenue, we can support our technology development and better marketing to promote TRIAS. This is the virtuous circle that we are building, and the value of TRIAS sits at the core of it.

Our business in China stemmed from a web2-style solution. We want to explore how to transit to web3 and gain experience to promote the transition between these two worlds for the industry. Thus our own practice will contribute to the design of the ITO mechanism in Triathon. We hope to help more companies jump from web2 to web3 with Triathon’s ITO mechanism. If Triathon can become such a medium, which opens a way to migrate all the web2 applications to web3, it will have extraordinary value. Therefore, in order to make Triathon more known, the future performance of its token GEON in the secondary market will be crucial. This is certainly our drive for increasing the value of our eco-projects, and we work on getting this listing ready. The same logic applies to Ethanim and Tusima as well.

Moreover, for Trias eco-projects, getting native tokens by staking TRIAS will be the common economic mechanism. So the value of TRIAS token is also crucial to the development and marketing of our eco-projects. At present, we have initiated Triathon, Ethanim and Tusima. And a new and upcoming project is going to meet the community soon.

4. Question regarding the cooperation with Japanese consortiums

At present, we have made good progress with Japanese partners in STO projects, supply chains and stablecoin for the Japanese Yen. I am going to Japan in October to promote the follow-up work. We can’t disclose more due to the NDA, but more news will definitely come very soon.

5. Question regarding listing on the metaverse section

Ethanim provides a metaverse platform for the Trias ecosystem, which will be a fully decentralized computational power platform based on Layer ‘-1’. It aims at fully decentralizing the rendering computation and the storation and release of models. Through Ethanim, ordinary users can get a more engaging experience with AR devices. Ethanim will target at building a web3 and AR version of the Meta. We’ve made great progress both in product design and function updating. For example, the team has designed many playful functions to enrich the presentation layer. Moreover, the new website will be launched next month. So does the White Paper v2. All these efforts are preparing Ethanim for CEX listing by the end of the year.

6. Are there any good solutions to reveal TRIAS cross-chain token statistics?

As a matter of fact, we didn’t expect this issue to come, as we fully trust our exchange. When the new version mainnet comes online, we will have our own cross-chain bridge, which will solve this issue ultimately.

But currently, as a temporary solution, in order to reveal the exchange-based cross-chain bridge’s internal status, there are still technological challenges that require in-depth collaborations with exchanges. We are still working on this issue and trying to make it available as soon as possible. I feel very grateful for the constant support from our community and we definitely need it for the days to come.

7. Will it bother you that crypto technology has advanced so rapidly?

Actually, this has never bothered me. Because we have very strong scientific research strengths. We have established official labs with Tsinghua University, Peking University and Oxford University, and we have continuous R&D in consensus algorithms, privacy computing and industrial application innovation. When I arrived in the UK, we plan to cooperate with more top universities and establish joint labs.

The core members of the Trias team, including myself, come from academic backgrounds and have very good connections with scientists from the world’s top universities and are highly recognized by them, and I believe we can always maintain a very strong innovation capability.

Moreover, Trias technology has been continuously applied in various commercial scenarios in China, and the technology has been continuously validated. This is very confident for the underlying core capabilities (for Triathon and Ethanim) that we will release in phases next.

So, even with the fast development of the space, I am very confident that we will be even faster.

8. Confronted by the current situation, how to keep on with the roadmap?

Currently, we are based in an environment where the regulation has become tighter and tighter since the end of last year. Plus the COVID-19 rules including lockdown. We got many challenges in product delivery. Although we changed our plan immediately from a parallel scheme to a serial one, we inevitably got influenced by the outer environment.

This is why I want to start a business trip overseas as soon as possible. So we can set up new companies around the globe, and connect to developer resources worldwide to support us with the next stage of development. We believe that the web3 world will be decentralized and it can help us better organize resources including talents in different regions and at the same time avoid risks.

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