Trias Weekly Report ( September 27th, 2021 — October 4th, 2021)

Community Updates

1.Trias Creative Content has been launched. The submission deadline is 7th October, 10 am UTC. 3 prizes have been set and each will receive 100 TRIAS for rewards. Participate now:

2.Triathon NFT Forge has been launched. 1000+ NFTs were minted in just 4 hours. Mint your own Triathon NFTs now:

3.6 lucky NFT owners have been selected according to the numbers of their NFTs. LV6 Sea Monster NFTs have been sent to them as rewards.

4.Triathon Playbook has been released. Rules of Triathon will be updated on it periodically. Details:

5.The image of the spaceship’s body has been published. Stay tuned for collecting, assembling and decorating the components.

6.The Giveaway with BSCDaily has been launched. Participate to get 1 $BNB as rewards:

7.The second article of Triathon Now!, a series of articles interpreting Triathon, has been published. Read on Triathon Metaverse here:

8.The Giveaway to celebrate the launch of Triathon Forge has been launched. Publish your Triathon NFT and win 10 TRIAS:

9.The announcement that Trias and Triathon open a new exciting chapter in BSC ecology has been published. Details:

Development Updates

1.The contract of Triathon Loot NFT has been developed.

2.The front-end web of Triathon Loot NFT has been developed.

3.The contract of Triathon Loot market has been developed.

4.At the back end of Trias alliance chain, the function of uploading product standards, rendering standard home page data, checking single product standard details has been added. The interface to modify standard product details and product standard serializer have been added.

5.The abnormal problems on the mock data line of Trias alliance chain has been handled.

6.Part of the login permission and page of Trias alliance chain have been configured.

7.The function of the industrial chain diagram component on Trias alliance chain has been perfected.

8.The engineering documents of Trias latest version tmware diff have been summarized and improved.

9.The database to handle closed ports has been added to Trias Alliance Chain

10.The log database associated with the app to alert has been added on Trias Alliance Chain.

11.The login regions of users have been added to Trias Alliance Chain.

12.The problem that host_num on Trias Alliance Chain is null has been solved.

13.The testing item descriptions have been added to Triathon Whitepaper.



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