Trias Opens New Chapter in BSC Ecology

Dear Triasurers,

Greetings from the Trias team, we hope everyone is doing well!
It has been six months since Trias migrated to Binance Smart Chain. Because of its lightning speed, low gas fee and friendly development environment, we have been able to achieve several milestones within the BSC ecology:

1. Trias now has over 2,700 token holders on the BSC chain;
2. Staking Auction has been launched, which shared revenue from Trias DSaaS products to the community;
3. Four Trias Grants have been initiated by several institutions regarding voting scheme design, auction design, fraud prevention, and volunteer recruitment. (for details please see:;
4. Partnered with Dego Finance for two NFT mining events;
5. Partnered with SecondLive for an NFT blindbox event;
6. Presented a Trias showcase and data in BSC anniversary;

We are honored to see strong community participation in these new initiatives and especially the NFT Minting and Mining events.

On July 10th, an important part of the Trias Family was launched: Triathon (

Triathon aims to be an interactive platform for players, developers, testnets and their crypto communities in the form of an online battleground. The BSC network will play an important role in the on-chain interaction between Triathon and the tested projects.

The NFT Forge has been the first part of Triathon that has been launched for the community to mint their own NFT testing tools which can be used to test projects in the future. Within two days of the launch, the community has minted over 3000 NFTs from over 1500 independent addresses on the Forge.

In the near future, NFT upgrades and the auction will be open to the community, which will enable TRIAS holders, gamers and non-tech enthusiasts to utilize the Triathon technology to build their own testing tools and engage in the play to earn gamefi.

Triathon is also a platform with inherent token economics. Players can create assets and exchange them with each other. To share the revenue streams of these assets with the community, staking and burning events will be held. The BSC network contract will hold the assets and enable the staking and burning of TRIAS.

In addition, Trias will also partner with more BSC projects and will try to bring other BSC users to join and build both the Trias and Triathon community.

As new frontiers require economic infrastructure, Trias has initiated a cross-chain liquidity compensation scheme to ensure the liquidity of TRIAS is sufficient on BSC network. A total amount of 1,500,000 TRIAS has been migrated for rewards distribution and liquidity compensation. Proper liquidity will also be provided on KuCoin and PancakeSwap for users who are transferring assets from Ethereum to Binance Smart Chain. This allows the total amount of available tokens on BSC to match the number of the total unlocked TRIAS tokens, so that all TRIAS token holders will have sufficient liquidity cross-chain without withdrawal failures. Txid is attached below.

Also, a pressure test of the liquidation compensation and token burn on BSC has been conducted: a total amount of 1.5x10²⁴ TRIAS has been minted and immediately burned. Txid is attached below.

We will continue to deliver more development and create novelty to both the BSC ecosystem and the wider blockchain industry.

Thank you all for your support along the way.
Best regards,
Trias team

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