Recap of AMA with Trias CEO | Buckle up for Triathon Spaceship

On October 7th, we held an AMA with our CEO Dr. Anbang Ruan to talk about Triathon NFTs. Here is the recap.

There are 3 sessions in the AMA,

1. Online interview. Dr. Anbang Ruan@anbangr will answer some of the questions we’ve collected before.

2. CEO will randomly select 5 numbers of Triathon NFTs (№4000-№5000). Lucky winners will receive the giveaway of TRIAS worth $10.

3.Free Q&A session by @anbangr and Community members. @anbangr will pick questions to answer.

Session 1

1.How can you imagine Triathon later?

Triathon aims to be a new foundation stone for the crypto space. It redefines the launching process of valid crypto projects.

It also gives all investors tools to verify every aspect of a new project by themselves. I believe these tools will be essential for all investors in the near future.

One step further, with the “layer -1” capability of the Trias infrastructure,

Triathon further has a chance to become the new foundation stone for the entire Internet. In the Internet world, test-driven launching and investing facilities can help us to identify the genuine properties of Internet services, such as availability and privacy-preserving for Facebook, when we decide whether to trust it!

2.How can you use the NFTs?

Triathon builds a comprehensive set of testing specifications. To make these better understood by our users, especially non-tech users, we design NFTs which have descriptions of technical attributes and functions.

Users can stake NFTs to adjust the behaviors of the Daemon, Delusionist and Destroyer;

they can upgrade low-level NFTs to high-level ones to gain better game experience and to earn more rewards;

moreover, users can create new NFTs.

besides, users can earn by trading special and rare NFTs.

3.How can you imagine the play to earn? How much can you earn?

we will offer users various DeFi application services to allow them to participate in the game actively.

for example, playing games like 1 V 1 battles to win rewards.

Users can make a good income by making full use of their NFTs: trading NFTs for price differences; creating new NFTs and selling in the market; collecting and auctioning rare NFTs;

as the project goes on, there will be many more P2E features unlocked.

4.When will we know the total available mints and rarity of mints? Also, will there be any images for the NFTs, and if so, will the game be playable in 3D format?

We opened the user-forge-it-yourself to lower the barrier for non-tech users.

There is no limitation at the moment but may be subjective to change when the game goes on.

There will be images of the NFT spaceship. I have seen the body part of the ships, which is pretty cool.

5.How many triathon NFTs are available at the moment? Are there any plans to add more or adding some kind of graphics to them afterward? I believe the community could help with this if being asked.

We are actually talking to many design studios, including some very famous ones! News will come soon.

Yes, there will be images of the NFT spaceships.

We believe in the community-powered creation of Triathon. More community-created content will be added to the building of Triathon!

6.Are there NFTs that have a limited supply, so their value could get really high or used as collectibles apart from being used in Triathon?

Different from other NFTs, Triathon NFTs have inherent progamic and business logic and value, as they will be used in testing different aspects of projects.

In addition, tech gurus and developers will be able to contribute codes for testing new attributes, while non-tech players can also forge and create NFTs in a gamified way.

During the NFT creation process, creative content will be kept and mint on chain to be special NFTs, which can be collectibles in and beyond Triathon space.

7.What roles will Trias Token, Triathon Token, and NFT’s play in the métaverse and how do they relate to each other?

Triathon will use Trias tokens at the beginning to coordinate economic activities and community affairs.

it also acts as the test token for a new subproject in the Trias ecosystem.

Trias token holders will be able to join in the governance when a new project is released and get rewards.

when the Triathon token is released later, it will be used to test the upgraded economic models.

in triathon metaverse, users can stake their NFTs for different purposes. they may stake NFTs for a special piece of a weapon for a war against another spaceship. if they want their weapon more powerful, they can even combine different D-role NFTs to empower the weapon so that they can be more responsive.

Once they have won the war, they will receive rewards.

8. As the métaverse becomes larger and new technologies and exploits are discovered, how does Triathon adapt to this new year scenarios? Does that mean that New unique NFTs will be available in the future?

Triathon is building its own metaverse. It is a dimensioning-raising world. in the metaverse, NFTs are not only testing tools in the game world but technical assets in the real world. what happens in the metaverse will help users especially those who do not have tech background to better understand technical moves arisen by the NFT activities.

Sure there will be new wonderful NFTs keep coming out soon. Stay tuned!

9.How do you plan on mapping the real world into the metaverse?

it is a game-world reflected from the real world.

All technical problems that happened in the real world will be resolved during the process of certain battles in the game world.

They are not parallel to each other. instead, they are connected by the game. to be specific, by testing.

This is what Triathon is designed to do: testing and auditing blockchains and Dapps.

10.Hi I think my questions are going to surround the why would triathon be used rather than the technical questions. Firstly can any type of project be wind tested on triathon or is it just blockchains?

Triathon can provide testing services on different kinds of blockchain projects including public chains, DApps, smart contracts, sidechains and web3 projects.

Apart from these, Triathon will test big data platforms, cloud computing, SaaS and even more. And this is what Triathon was designed for: to promote trusted computing and let people trust technologies and machines.

11.Can all chains and projects be tested, how do you get over the different languages barrier?

Yes. And we do not need to worry about the languages barrier. This is because the testings in Triathon are blackbox testings. Implementing these testings do not require the understanding of the source codes. It will be like the wind tunnel testing for all chains and other internet projects.

12.What benefits does a company get by coming to wind test? Or is this for people to be able to test different projects before investing? Is this for companies or individuals to use?

Companies coming to wind test will attract attention from a wide range of users. through the test, promising projects which have attracted fewer people can come to light with a user base.

and if there are problems found during the test, Triathon can help with it with the witness of whole community members.

this is a reputation-gaining process. when the project is launched, it is already equipped with a user base.

community members can propose which project they want to be tested by Triathon.

13.Are we losing focus from Trias by taking on these side projects?

What sort of devs are using our test net.

In fact, Triathon is one of the key components in the Trias infrastructure. It firstly served as an interactive-testnet for Trias.

When it matures, it will run as an independent project for incubating, in the test-driving launching and investing ways, other Trias components or ecosystem projects.

14. What are the decisive factors to determine which NFTs will be more rare or stronger than others? I have seen playbook attacks but also terminology like Poem, Rainbow, Flood. Can you elaborate on this?

Basically the NFT embeds more testing logics will be more rare.

For example, a Destroy NFT having more destroying effects, a Delusionist NFT covering more testing aspects, or a Daemon NFT initiating more defensive mechanisms.

More detailed rules about attributes of each NFT will be released piece by piece as the game goes on.

Currently, there are different chances for each D-role(Destroyer/Daemon/Delusionist) and their main attribute.

More fun facts of NFTs will be out soon. Also, token economics such as revenue sharing, staking, burning etc. will be out soon.

15. Will it be possible to combine multiple NFT classes ( destroyer + daemon for instance) into the forge to mint a new attacker with unique capabilities?

This is a brilliant idea :) Keep offering your ideas about NFTs. This is what we meant by ‘community-powered.

16.Can you explain in simple words how the NFTs will work during the battlegrounds?

Imagine that you cast a spell with a magic stick in a magic world. Your NFTs can do that, too.

17. In your website you stated “TRIAS aims to define a new-generation all-platform-supported public chain system”, how well had your project tried to avert the problems of Interoperability of different chains?

In China, our product built based on the Trias technology have provided very good interoperability for Ethereum, Hyperledger and Cosmos chain. We served it for quite a lot of use cases already.

Starting from this year, we are working to make this technology available to a much wider user.

And this is why we launch Triathon, to better demonstrate the power of our technology, while collecting defects a

18. In respect to your NFTs, for the three layers Leviatom, Prometh, and MagCarta, can you shed more light on its usage and operation in your ecosystem?

We will release more details about how to use the NFTs, please stay tuned.

19. Liquidity pool DEX are most commonly used, but some major drawbacks include price slippage and front running. Price slippage occurs because of the AMM nature itself the larger the deal, the stronger impact it has on the price. How does Trias Lab mitigate these issues?

We will keep sufficient liquidity pools for pairs on mostly used DEX.

20. How do the buying scheme for the Trias token and other index tokens work, also how’s the Dinosaur NFT redemption?

Previously TRIAS has been used in payback when revenue realized in industrial clients was transferring to the crypto in the form of Trias staking auction scheme. Similar schemes are designed when revenue is generated in Triathon. We will see staking and burning for sharing the interests with our community.

Dinosaur NFTs were used in Trias staking. Users can redempt or further use the NFTs in Triathon. Details will be provided later.

Session 2

At the moment we were holding the AMA, the number of NFTs forged surpassed 4000. We decided to airdrop TRIAS worth $10 to 5 lucky NFTs numbering from 4000–5000 and invite Dr. Anbang Ruan to give us the numbers.

The numbers he gave are 4029 4248 4503 4629 4999. 4 of them still remain to be minted. Mint now:

Session 3

1.So you’re launching a P2E platform in your ecosystem. Can you tell us the security features you are planning to implement to prevent hacking of accounts?

this will also be one of the testing targets

2.I read that Trias was working with Mitsibushi. Is this true?

Is the team working on any other companies or partnerships?

we are making a few things happening in Tokyo. announcements will come, when it comes :)

3.What kind of path do you follow between the market and the project? Is the marketing done according to your Roadmap? @anbangr

we have all eyes on building and delivering, like we usually do.

4.For most people, the main focus of any crypto community is on the price of the token. When prices go up, people are happy, when they go down, people start to leave. What is the $TRIAS team’s plan to strengthen and grow a loyal community, and how do you trust it as an investor?

Still, by building and delivering!

5.Can we expect a new partnership to be announced in Q4?

Working on it! But due to COVID situation, many things are delaying. I could not promise much, but, I’m quite very optimistic ATM.

6.Hi @anbangr . As a long-term TRIAS holder, with the release of triathon token, how do you see this affecting the value of Trias?

thanks for your supports! you can see Trias token as the generator of Triathon Token. So I believe, the more popular the Triathon is the more valuable Trias token will also be.

7.Initially, if people need Trias to buy triathon I agree…. but you say this isn’t the long-term plan is it?

Staking plans will be initiated to allow Trias token holders to keep generating our eco-projects tokens!

Thanks to Dr.Anbang Ruan for answering questions patiently. And also thanks to the community for supporting. More information:

Recap of last AMA:

Official website:




Trade on Pancake:


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