Recap of AMA with Trias CEO | Unveil Triathon Whitepaper

On September 1st, we held an AMA with our CEO Dr. Anbang Ruan to talk about Triathon Whitepaper ( Here is the recap.

There are two sessions in this AMA:

1. Online interview. Dr. Anbang Ruan@anbangr will answer some of the questions we’ve collected before. Triasurers who raised those questions will receive LV6 Sea Monster NFTs as rewards.

2. Free Q&A session by @anbangr and Community members. @anbangr will pick good questions with an LV6 Sea Monster NFT each.

Selected Q&A session

1. Can you please explain what you mean with Triathon Token and what’s the difference between Trias token and Triathon token?

This is a good question thank you for asking, and I will answer it from several points.

Triathon Token is the native of Trias ecosystem. It is designed to attract more participants to drive Triathon in a wide range. During this process, participants will be rewarded. We focus on test-driven investing and test-driven launching and Triathon token is brought to facilitate these mechanisms.

Being an economic coordinator. Trias Token will be used to coordinate economic activities. Triathon Token is derived from Trias Token and will be used to test the upgraded economic model in Trias. And there will be more kinds of tokens that are derived from Trias Token in the future.

Being a governance token. Trias Token plays a fundamental role in Trias community governance.

Being a test token. Trias Token is used to promote the official launch of Triathon. It will be used to fulfill the function of different economic models in Triathon. In doing so, Trias Token focuses on being a test token in Trias ecosystem for releasing subprojects in the future. And Trias token holders will have a chance to join in the governance when a new project is released and get rewards.

2. In general, what is the difference between mainnet 2021 Q4 and mainnet 2022 Q3?

Trias will launch its own mainnet in Q4 2021. And as the subproject of Trias, Triathon will launch its own mainnet in Q3 2022; it is also the upgrade of the Trias mainnet.

3. Will the farming and forging of NFTs follow a similar pattern to other NFT projects (i.e. randomized allocation of NFTs through minting), or will Triathon implement a different NFT allocation strategy?

There will be unique NFT designs.NFTs are not only representing different values for collection but can be used to drive the 3D systems. That is Daemon, Delusionist and Destroyer in Triahton. Therefore the NFT design is correlating with the 3D systems.

As facilities used in the game, NFTs reflect the gamified nature running through Triathon which will make the game-like testing more attractive to gamers.

4. Will these processes be stimulated solely by TRIAS tokens, or will participants be to use a number of other tokens??

At the primary stage, the NFT process will be stimulated by Trias tokens. Once the Triathon token is released, it will become the generating, governing token for all the NFTs. Trias token will continue to act as the Triathon token and many more Trias ecosystem projects’ generating and governing token.

5. Can you clarify the different mainnet releases. Is the mainnet release in Q4 2021 for Prometh and then the q3 2022 mainnet release for Triathon?

Originated from the Latin word “tris” which means three, Trias is -1 layer network. It is composed of three different layers: Leviatom, Prometh and MagCarta. We currently have 3 teams developing the L, P, and M. They together build the Trias infrastructure.

Based on these three components, we are starting to build our own ecosystem project. Triathon is the first one among them, so for Trias, including the (L, P and M) we are targeting at releasing a new version of mainnet in Q4 this year

and for Triathon, its mainnet is planned in Q3 2022.

6. What inspired you to create the Trias Triathon?

That’s an interesting story :)

Triathon is primarily designed to test the Leviatom in Trias.

As planned, we were going to launch Trias Testnet in Q2 2021. But since Trias is a -1 test network. If we want to test -1 network, we have to put public chains running on it. So we build an infrastructure to allow public chains’ nodes to be easily deployed on Trias, the Leviatom layer specifically.

Then, to test public chains that have been deployed on Leviatom, in order to show their different performance, we have to put smart contracts running on them. So, we build Delusionist, an infrastructure that can automatically distribute public chains tested on -1 network. Meanwhile, it can automatically distribute smart contracts tested on public chains.

To further verify whether a public chain or a smart contract is secure enough, under our Leviatom’s refinement. We further build Destroyer which is applied to simulate attacks on the testing public chains and smart contracts. In doing so, we can check whether our -1 test network is powerful enough.

Then to better illustrate and compare the differences among the testing chains or contracts, we build a demonstrator — the Dungeon, to show how the test is going and all specifications of the testnets will be demonstrated here.

And finally, in order to demonstrate to the entire space what we can achieve with our Trias Testnet. We want to make our testing infrastructure a decentralized system and attract as many people as possible. So we create a new project the Triathon. we are going to build a Metaverse that is driven by our community to fulfill the needs for testing chains and we are further building a GameFi, to make it more fun, and rewardable, for everyone, not just tech-savvies, literally everyone.

7. How will you measure the success of the Triathon?

Thanks, I really like this question. Yes, we have to keep visualizing our success story, even from day one :).

Triathon is designed to be a decentralized, community-driven infrastructure for testing and auditing.

It is primarily used for testing Trias’ own infrastructure. After launching the Triathon mainnet, Triathon can also support other subprojects’ launching in Trias. And the whole community can check the process in Triathon.

And then it will evolve to serve the crypto space independently to help participators get a full picture of a project. If users can take Triathon’s testing results as a reference for making investment decisions, we can say that Triathon has achieved its goal — being a purifier in the industry.

8. All this time, Trias team has been strict with the whitepaper. The Triathon whitepaper is full of interesting and exciting features. Do you believe that the team will continue to follow strictly the whitepaper deadlines and why?

we are working very hard to keep our promise, and this is also the reason why we build Triathon.

To make keeping promise an industry practice implemented with a tool an infrastructure a new way of investing and launching.

However, there are times when plans need to be adjusted. We would like to use this infrastructure as a tool for teams to better communicate with their supporters.

The ITO process is designed for this purpose.

9.Triathon is a great way to lure new investors and offer technological knowledge in a simple way by simply playing the game. Crypto market is not in a bear market at the moment.

Do you believe that people will keep participate and contribute to Triathon events and test new projects EVEN in bear market(if it comes)? Will Triathon be effective even without a lot of participants? Will Trias follow the whitepaper even if triathon lacks participants?

Actually I believe Triathon will be especially useful in bear market to help the holders and builders with faith to keep faith by allowing them to identify misbehavior. And we will definitely follow our plan to keep delivering Triathon as the first purpose of Triathon is to serve our own needs and in this case, we will also be the first batch of heavy users for Triathon. So I do not worry at all about attracting users :).

10. Approximately how long would it take for a project to complete Triathon’s five-phase testing process?

From the initial idea sparkles to it finally delivers. That’s the entire launching lifecycle.

11. Is there a limit to the testing capacity of Triathon? How many projects can be tested at the same time?

At the very beginning, there are limits since the Triathon infrastructure is run solely by us after its mainnet is on. It itself will be running in a fully decentralized way. Everyone can run Triathon nodes to expand their capacity. At that time I believe it will be unlimited.

Free Q&A Session

1.My question about your competitors. Since NFTs are a hot topic right now, we’re seeing a lot of NFT marketplaces.

E.g.; Refinable, Binance’s own NFT marketplace, etc — How do you plan to solidify yourselves as the go-to marketplace?

Triathon NFT has its special purpose .. to trigger the testing infrastructure for real-life applications.

2. What are the steps to become a part of your community, and start getting revenues? Where do we buy, where do we sign up? This looks like an amazing project!

By playing designing developing disseminating .. we will release more instructions very soon.

3. How did you get the community involved in developing the Triathon project? and how do you build a strong community to grow globally?

It is in Triathon’s one line introduction: a decentralized and community-driven testing and auditing infrastructure.

4. At the moment, all tokens go down in price even with great partnerships, hype, marketing, and working products, etc. So, what challenges do you have and the plan to make your project strong popular? Are you see it as an opportunity while the current market decline?

By delivering useful and fun and reward making products.

5. Why are you not active on social media How will you act on social media to reach new investors?

We are a team of more than 100 engineers and scientists, and we are expanding to 300 very fast. keeping everything on track to deliver products is my first priority. and I believe investors will come when we deliver.

6. Right now, the market is adjusting sharply, the risks are very high but also a great opportunity for development projects. What are the characteristics of your project, and how is your development strategy to be able to compete and rise to the top among other projects?

We would like Triathon to be a new creature in the space, to fill the gap between holders and investors. I think I may help to solve some of the spaces issues.

7. Can you explain how triathlon tokens are acquired??? Is it through buying TRIAS tokens first?

Yes. Trias Token will be the generator of Triathon token, and many following ecosystem projects.

8. Are you currently on track to reach all of your 2021 roadmap milestones and which stage are you most excited about?

So far the Triathon.

9. What do you think would be the main challenges for trying to enter the Decentralized Finance space? And What are the main advantages of DeFi over Traditional Finance that you know?

I think the main challenge for the general investors is the lack of capability or tools to identify good coins from bad coins.

10. Many projects are really good in the whitepaper but when it comes to product delivery they keep on failing. What separates you from those projects?

We build Triathon to testify ourselves, in fact, to testify Triathon itself.


If you have further questions regarding Triathon, please leave them in the form: We will collect them and have another CEO AMA soon. Please stay with us.

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