Welcome to Dungeon, the Command Center in Triathon’s World | Triathon Now!


  • Dungeon is not only the rarest NFT in Triathon auction market but the Command Center in Triathon’s World.
  • It is equipped with various financial products and services, which enables users to “play to earn”.
▲ The NORAD command center built for the film WarGames released in 1983 was the most expensive set ever constructed up to that time, built at the cost of one million dollars(source: https://twitter.com/lastexitshirts/status/1135516483407138818)

Do you know that Dungeon is the rarest NFT in Triathon’s World? It has a rarity value of 1.56%. However, it is not just an NFT. As one of the main facilities, it plays a more important role in Triathon.

Dungeon is the command center. It demonstrates a complete, dynamic visualization of issuing and executing all operational commands. And all the results can be directly viewed on a screen, for example, how the testnet value fluctuates in real-time. And the entire process is recorded on the blockchain and can be accessed and viewed by anyone in real-time. With Dungeon, credibility, openness and transparency are further promoted. It enables Triathon a more trusted testing service provider. Therefore, Triathon doesn’t need outside endorsement compared with other institutions. Value is defined by both users, and the technology it uses and reflects real-time adjustment and dynamic change.

It is an info-exchange platform. Project updates and activity news are announced here, and DAO proposals and votes are generated here. It promotes cooperation, value exchange and establishing trust among players, developers, projects, and the Triathon community. Dungeon makes Triathon an open and evolving ecosystem.

It is the financial infrastructure and community governance center. There are three DeFi applications: Farm, Forge and Market. You can forge an NFT then sell it on the Market. There will be staking activities held on the Farm soon in the future.

Besides, there is another key role connected all the activities in Dungeon — — the Token. It can be used for staking, payment and governance in the ecosystem. To be specific,

  • Staking: Users can stake Tokens to participate in testing and launching, and exchange different forms of rewards;
  • Payment: Users can pay with Tokens during the game to forge, buy, exchange and upgrade NFTs in Triathon’s world;
  • Governance: Users can vote with Tokens for different proposals and participate in Triathon governance.

There are two systems in Triathon’s world. One is Dungeon and the other one is Battleground which consists of Delusionist, Destroyer and Daemon and will be explained later in the following posts. Please stay tuned!





Trustworthy and Reliable Intelligent Autonomous Systems

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Trustworthy and Reliable Intelligent Autonomous Systems

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