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  • Triathon metaverse is a new dimension bringing the complexity of technology benchmarking to everyone;

Browsing on the internet recently, you may have noticed a word keeps popping up, Metaverse.

It is a tech buzzword that remains in its infancy. First mentioned in 1992 in Neal Stephenson’s sci-fi novel Snow Crash, the metaverse is the immersive successor of the internet. This is a virtual space where billions of users can move, interact and operate across endless situations.

△ Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson (source:

This definition may be the answer to many metaverses. But not for Triathon.

Triathon’s Dimension-raising Metaverse

In Triathon metaverse, you will experience two-way communication where both investors and developers participate.

To be specific, it is a process of dimension raising and reduction.

Why do we have to do this? Because we have observed that a lot of participators can’t make the right decisions. Not everyone can understand the technology description in the whitepaper. It has always been about the hype around blockchain investing. How do innocent holders tell which project they can trust and put their money in? How can projects with true values come to light? In Triathon, we raise three questions into the Triathon dimension to the virtual gameworld.

By asking these questions and transporting them as tests in the virtual game land, we can insure that everyone will be able to participate and not just the tech-savvy individuals. While playing the game, users can stake their NFTs for different purposes. For example, they may stake NFTs for a special piece of weapon for a war against another spaceship. They can even combine different D-role NFTs to better empower the weapons, which will be much more responsive against their enemy. Once they have been defeated, players will receive rewards. This is what’s known as Play to Earn.

What’s more, the battles in the game world have an effect on the real world. Battles between spaceships are actually testing and auditing processes happening to the testnets. The defeated spaceship exposing problems in the testnets. Testing connects the game world and the technology world. These battles move in the game will bring changes to the real world. From the game world to the technology world, it’s a new dimension altering event that shows real issues in the real world.

It’s not just two parallel worlds or one single method to play, it’s making better use of technology to resolve problems in a way easily understood by everyone regardless of his/her background. This is Triathon metaverse.

Triathon is dedicated to guarding the era of decentralization, which make sure to do in a community-driven way. It’s not Triathon but the community that will conduct the technology world through playing games. The whole community will be makers of the metaverse which will echo what the concept of metaverse really is: togetherness.



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