Triathon Infographic Contest: Deep dive into Triathon and win 100 TRIAS!

With the release of Triathon, many comments and thoughts related to Triathon have emerged. These comments and thoughts are meaningful and we want to trigger more discussions, which can not only feed our subsequent design of Triathon, but also promote in-depth communication in the community and improve the quality of it. Thus, we are going to hold Triathon Infographic Contest!

Contest Info

Ending Time: September 20th

The Number of Winners: 3

Rewards: 100 TRIAS for each winner

Note: Submission and voting are carried out simultaneously, so it is recommended that you submit the works as soon as possible.


  • One pager or infographics published before September 6th can also be submitted.
  • Participants can canvass in various ways once the works are submitted.
  • Each qualified participant can get an LV6 Sea Monster NFT.
  • Winners will be decided according to two metrics: 1) the votes participants get on Discord; 2) The quality of their works.

Follow these steps:

  • Post them to your Twitter with topic #triathon #trias and @ Triaslab.
  • Synchronize content to Triathon Discord (Category: Infographic Contest; Channel: Vote for works).
  • Submit information form.
  • The team will review the content, and then retweet it.
  • Participants can promote their content on major social media platforms and canvass.
  • The final vote shall be counted by Discord on how many 👍 participants get.

Suggested Content

  • Interpret Triathon and whitepaper in your own words or less-technical language.
  • Your ideas or expectations for Triathon. Examples: What is your opinion about Triathon and its meaning to the industry? How do you perceive Triathon’s role in the Trias ecosystem? In what ways will Triathon contribute to the Metaverse?
  • Give us some development or designing suggestions for Triathon.

Content Requirements


  1. Submit in the form of graphics
  2. Language: English
  3. The content subject must be “Triathon”. Otherwise, it will be disqualified
  4. Content must conform to all copyright laws.


  1. Language: English
  2. The content subject must be Triathon. Otherwise, it will be disqualified
  3. Content must conform to all copyright laws.

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