Sep 27, 2021

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Triathon Creative Content Contest: Win 100 TRIAS with your creative works!

Triathon Infographic Contest ended on September 20th with 19 great works and thousands of Triasurers participating. Thanks to Triasurers for your creative contributions. To further expand the influence of Triathon and help people know about Triathon, we are now launching Triathon Creative Content Contest.

Contest Info

Submission Deadline: 7th October, 10 am UTC

Voting Time: 7th October, 10 am UTC — 14th October, 10 am UTC

Awards: There will be 3 winners in this contest. Each winner will be rewarded with 100 TRIAS, equivalent to $786 at the current price. Following are the prize settings:

  • Viewers Choice:1

The prize is set for works with the highest number of votes in Discord.

  • Most Innovative Work: 1

The prize is set for the most special and eye-catching works, which will be selected by Triathon developers combining the opinions of Triasurers in Discord.

  • Most Triathon Work: 1

The prize is set for the works that can best express the theme, aim and mechanism. The winner will be selected by Triathon developers.

Note: Each work can only win one award at most.

Follow these steps:

Submission Deadline: 7th October, 10 am UTC

  • Make and publish creative content such as memes, videos, infographics, articles with the theme of Triathon.
  • Post them to your Twitter tagging #triathon #trias and @ Trias_ one @triaslab.
  • Synchronize content to Triathon Discord (Category: Creative Content Contest | Channel: works-display).
  • Submit information form.
  • The team will review and number the content, and then retweet it.

Voting Time: 7th October, 10 am UTC — 14th October, 10 am UTC

  • The poll channel will be open on October 7th and all qualified works will be listed in it. Users can vote for the works they think best.
  • Participants can promote their content on major social media platforms and canvass.
  • Discussion on the works is welcomed in the discussion channel. Most Innovative Work and Most Triathon Work will be selected combining the discussion here.


  • Participants need to make and publish creative content including memes, videos, infographics, articles etc. on the specified social media platforms.
  • The first 20 qualified participants will receive an LV6 Sea Monster NFT each.
  • Participants can canvass in various ways once the works are submitted.
  • Participants who didn’t win the Triathon Infographic Contest can participate with the same work, but LV6 Sea Monster NFT will not be distributed again.
  • It is possible that excellent works will become the NFTs of Triathon or materials of peripheral products. Good emoji works will be included in Triathon Discord emoji list.

Suggested Content

All art forms are welcomed and the theme must be Triathon.

The content can be made from any one or several of the following perspectives. And other perspectives that make sense are also welcomed.

  • What do Triathon, Daemon, Delusionist, Destroyer and Dungeon look like in your mind?
  • Memes or Emoji on Triathon
  • Your ideas or expectations for Triathon. Examples: What is your opinion about Triathon and its meaning to the industry? How do you perceive Triathon’s role in the Trias ecosystem? In what ways will Triathon contribute to the Metaverse?
  • Give us some development or designing suggestions for Triathon.

Download Triathon logo:

Content Requirements

  • The works should be creative rather than copy-paste or screenshot.
  • Language: English
  • The content subject must be Triathon. Otherwise, it will be disqualified.
  • Content must conform to all copyright laws.

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