Trias x Triathon Joint community event to claim your FREE GEON!

2 min readJan 22, 2024

Trias eco-project Triathon is set to introduce community Exchange and Staking features!

To express our gratitude to the Trias community, we have partnered with Triathon to host the GEON Community Airdrop from time to time, allowing every TRIAS holder to receive FREE GEON Tokens. Below are the details of Phase 1.

Event Info

📅 Duration

Now until January 23, 2024, 10:00 UTC

🎁How to Get $GEON tokens for Free?

A snapshot will be taken at 10:00 AM UTC on January 23rd, rewarding wallet addresses holding ≥200 TRIAS with a direct $GEON Token airdrop.

  • Each wallet address will receive a minimum of 100 GEON tokens.
  • $GEON holders can participate in the community exchange activities of the Triathon ecosystem for free and will receive $GROW tokens.

About Triathon

Triathon is an AI-powered contract detection platform focused on providing security detection services for Dapps. Triathon has introduced a dual token economy model, the GEON token and the GROW token, each of which serves a different function.

  • $GEON is Triathon’s circulation and utility token.
  • $GROW is the governance token, it’s dedicated to participation in project governance and community building.

🔗 Learn more about the dual token economy model




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