Trias x EYES Protocol: For A Safe and Transparent Open Source Ecosystem

Trias has signed a strategic partnership with EYES Protocol, a Blockchain-based open source verification platform on 29th April.

EYES Protocol is a project launched to create a safe and transparent open source software and service ecosystem, and is a service that activates the software copyright market through easy open source license management and provides comprehensive management such as verification, analysis, consulting, and checking and correcting vulnerabilities. EYES protocol, with10 billion proven open source codes, is an open-source compliance product used by a number of large customers, including the Copyright Commission(Korea Informaion Security Industry Association, etc.), government agency(Korea Trade Investment Promotion Agency, Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, etc.), enterprises( Samsung, LG, Bithumb, etc.) to prevent the risk of intellectual property disputes in advance.

Trias is a decentralized trusted cloud infrastructure and ecosystem for enterprise-ready applications. Its Prometh Layer is a combination of formal verification and DevSecOps methodologies to achieve traceable and verifiable general-purpose software development.

Prometh, in which EYES protocols work together, addresses software security issues by recording critical information or undeniable identification about all critical phases of the software’s entire life cycle in the distributed ledger. Trias implements trusted software building process to achieve traceable software supply chain management and security auditing.

Trias not only provides Prometh architecture integration for EYES service, but also provides the Layer ‘-1’ capabilities for EYES to achieve faster and more secure consensus. Meanwhile, EYES will promote Trias chains and DSaaS products(TriasForce) in the Korean market.

“The partnership with Trias, a major blockchain technology company to foster China’s sound open source ecosystem, is very encouraging,” said Kim Min-soo, CEO of Eyes Protocol. Through this partnership, EYES Protocol will verify open source licenses to customers and partners of Trias, provide solutions to problems such as security flaws and legal issues, and provide blockchain service of specific values of SPDX (Software Package Data Exchange) information files such as the timing of release, source, and license after verification of the software.

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