Aug 19, 2021

2 min read

Trias x DEGO NFT mining event FAQs

1.Will the TRIAS used to cast the NFTs be lost forever or will we be able to unstake the TRIAS and get them back after 30 days?

2.If you decompose an NFT, do I need to wait till the countdown lapses?

3.How could I get a level 6 NFT?

4.If I stake 100 TRIAS, what would I get?

5.I received yesterday 5 dinosaurs. If I do it now I will receive Sea Monsters? Or can I swap my 5 dinosaurs from yesterday?

6.Do I need Metamask or can I do it on Trustwallet?

7.Is this event based on NFTs already mined in the previous event?

8.If I can get an LV6 NFT before the mining starts?

9.Quick question that was asked earlier. Will airdrop be among TRIAS holders or among Sea Monster NFT holders?

10.How to check my NFTs?