Trias x DEGO NFT mining event FAQs

1.Will the TRIAS used to cast the NFTs be lost forever or will we be able to unstake the TRIAS and get them back after 30 days?

TRIAS used to cast NFTs are staked when mining and can be taken back by decomposing the NFTs 30 days after you cast them.

2.If you decompose an NFT, do I need to wait till the countdown lapses?

It depends on when did you cast the NFT. You can decompose an NFT 30 days after you cast it. For example, if you cast an NFT on August 20th, you can decompose it after September 20th.

3.How could I get a level 6 NFT?

You can participate in TRIAS events like airdrops released on Trias official Twitter Account (

4.If I stake 100 TRIAS, what would I get?

You can get a Sea Monster NFT randomly from LV1 to LV5. The more you stake, the higher the mining power of the NFT will be.

5.I received yesterday 5 dinosaurs. If I do it now I will receive Sea Monsters? Or can I swap my 5 dinosaurs from yesterday?

No, Dinosaur NFTs can’t be swapped to Sea Monster NFTs for now, and vise versa.

6.Do I need Metamask or can I do it on Trustwallet?

Metamask. Trustwaller is not supported by DEGO now.

7.Is this event based on NFTs already mined in the previous event?

No. The event is independent of the previous mining event, so are the NFTs in the events.

8.If I can get an LV6 NFT before the mining starts?

Yes, you can cast NFTs before the mining is officially launched (12: 00, August 19th, UTC), but mining is not allowed until it is officially launched.

9.Quick question that was asked earlier. Will airdrop be among TRIAS holders or among Sea Monster NFT holders?

To the whole community. Anyone who completes the required tasks is eligible for the airdrops.

10.How to check my NFTs?



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