Trias Weekly Updates(Nov 20 — Nov26,2023)

3 min readNov 27, 2023


Community Updates

  1. Triathon&Trias jointly hosted a Thanksgiving2023 event.

2. Triathon released an analysis on the hacking incident targeting Avalanche.

Marketing & Partnerships

Triathon establishes strategic partnership with DeFiHackLabs.

Technical Updates

  1. About SecurityGuard Development Progress

​​Development of static detection function in SecurityGuard

​​Development of MIS detection function in SecurityGuard.

Addition of fuzz detection detection in SecurityGuard.

Introducing detection function in Token Detection.

Development of wallet self-check function.

2. Added ttl cache to Bounty Hunter home page query data.


Community Updates

  1. The server migration for Tusima Testnet and Tusima zkBridge Testnet has been successfully completed.

2. Tusima zkBridge ✖️ @INTOverse_ joint event is in progress.

Technical Updates

  1. Tusima Polygon zkEVM Relayer is in development.

2. The development of Polygon zkEVM’s integrated contract is in progress.

3. The integration of the front end for Scroll and Polygon zkEVM is in progress.

Product Development

  1. zkBridge liquidity pool solution is under discussion.

2. The internal environment testing for zkBridge is in progress.


Community Updates

  1. Ethanim 50,000 tEPU Airdrop Reward has been issued!

2. A Thanksgiving 200,000 tEPU airdrop campaign was held.

3. #Phase3 Community Questions collection campaign were held.

Technical Updates

  1. Optimised the display of MetaChat themes.

2. Improved MetaChat copy and delete chat history function.




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