Trias Weekly Updates(May 6 — May 12, 2024)

3 min readMay 13, 2024


  1. The #NetX TSC Testnet will go live soon. Join us in this exciting moment and be part of the community-wide stress testing.

2. The third joint event between Trias and Bitget has been launched successfully with 2,000 $TRIAS as prize pool. This giveaway event is valid till May 19, 2024, 10 AM (UTC). Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

3. Tusima and #Netstars have taken their groundbreaking partnership to the next level, expanding their collaboration into the realm of blockchain technology since 2023.


Community Updates

  1. Triathon participated in the Pizza Day Carnival event which is organized jointly by LazyBear and LAVAProtocol to celebrate the Bitcoin Pizza Day.

2. We are thrilled to announce that Tusima has achieved a milestone partnership with Netstars, Japan’s largest integrated payment service provider.

Technical Updates

  1. TSC mainnet browser UI redesign was updated and the TSC main chain was added.

2. TSC testnet was further developed and UI was updated.

3. Bottom navigation of the testnet was modified and custom chains were added.


Community Updates

  1. Tusima and Japan’s largest aggregated payment platform Netstars reached a strategic cooperation in the offline consumer points field.

2. Tusima Japanese community held a prize airdrop activity. Follow and RT to have a chance to win a 10,000 JPY Amazon gift certificate.

3. Tusima and other projects jointly held a Pizza Day airdrop campaign on galxe. Complete the tasks to share the 1,200 USDT reward.

Technical Updates

1.Did research on the deployment of new versions of CDK.

2.Confirmed and resolved remaining issues in testnet stress testing.

3.Solved the bug of Tusima DEX.

4.Did research on galactic multi-node deployment.

Product Development

  1. Tusima Galactic withdrawal function design.

2. Mainnet online issue follow-up.

3. Discussed cooperation partnership with other Japanese Internet companies.


Community Updates

  1. “The Future of Ethanim and BEPU’s Next Plans” AMA was held in the Ethanim official Telegram.

2. Ethanim airdropped 50,000 tEPU to all users who participated in the $BEPU exchange event.

3. Ethanim released 20,000 tEPU Giveaway Whitelist on TaskOn platform.

4. Ethanim 10,000 $BEPU Giveaway Whitelist campaign rewards have been distributed.

Technical Updates

MetaChat global theme color configuration modification.




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