Trias Weekly Updates(May 27 — June 2, 2024)

3 min readJun 3, 2024



  1. Reclaim feature was implemented in the #NETX Migration Plan to increase TRIAS flexibility and provide a better experience for the community.


Community Updates

  1. We celebrated the successful launch of Trias Eco TDO (Phase II), in which over 18 million $TSM were exchanged. We appreciate everyone for their support. This milestone is significant for Trias ecosystem. Triathon will focus more on developing AI-related services in the future.

2. We added liquidity for GROW/TRIAS on PancakeSwap.

3. We announced a partnership with dekube_official to provide robust computing networks for model training.

4. We held a Twitter space event to discuss “How Web3 can drive AI model training and innovation?”.

Technical Updates

  1. Team has deployed Trias token migration micro frontend framework pilet calls and added shell method.

2. Team has implemented contract read/write through the approve method on the pliet page.

3. Team has developed static pages for Trias token migration.

4. Team has added a button to allow copy content to the clipboard.


Community Updates

  1. To celebrate the upcoming $TSM launch, Tusima hosted a “TSMLaunch” Theme Contest.

2. Tusima team posted the May Monthly Report.

Technical Updates

  1. Team has developed the Galactic Campaign withdrawal function.

2. Team has investigated Eagle Testnet CDK issues.

Product Development

Team has designed the Task Activity Page for TSM.


Community Updates

  1. Ethanim released Ethanim $EPU Application Scenarios And Value.

2. Ethanim 40,000 tEPU Giveaway Whitelist campaign rewards have been distributed.

3. Ethanim released 40,000 tEPU Giveaway Whitelist on TaskOn plantform.

Technical Updates

Team has conducted the MetaChat chat theme switching optimization and changes.




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