Trias Weekly Updates(May 20— May 26, 2024)

3 min readMay 27, 2024



  1. To celebrate #BTC Pizza Day! Bake your favorite pizza and compete for a share of the TRIAS prize pool worth up to 12,000 USDT! The event is valid till May 31, 10 AM UTC.

2. Trias Community Q&A was held at 9:00 UTC, May 23rd to further explain the NetX ecosystem and some topics.

3. NetX Mainnet Migration updates have been released with some important enhancements including token reclaim, migration agreements, and cross-chain functionality.


Community Updates

  1. Triathon announced a strategic partnership with TrendWallet to provide users with a more secure platform.

2. The TDO Final Sprint Carnival event was launched to provide users with more opportunities to participate in Trias Eco TDO.

Technical Updates

  1. Added a redemption function to support Trias migration. Developed the pop-up box function.

2. Added contract methods for redeem functionality.

3. Increased proposal input box limitation. Revised the text.

4. Added proposal details scrolling list.


Community Updates

  1. Tusima has partnered with USDD and a special celebration event on Taskon was released.

2. Keep the Tusima community updated on the latest project developments.

3. Tusima has partnered with Pea.AI and a Lucky Money giveaway campaign was held in Telegram.

4. Tusima, in collaboration with Triathon, is hosting events to share rewards for the TDO.

Technical Updates

  1. Completed the build of the latest Polygon CDK version.

2. Fixed the Commit and Verify issues on the Layer2 network.

Product Development

  1. Completed the design for the Galactic Campaign token withdrawal.
  2. Checked the on-chain deposited data for the Galactic Campaign.


Community Updates

1.Ethanim 40,000 tEPU Giveaway Whitelist campaign was released.

2. Rewards have been distributed for Ethanim 20,000 tBEPU Airdrop Whitelist campaign.

Technical Updates

  1. Added the function of displaying theme avatars and animations to MetaChat.




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