Trias Weekly Updates(June 3 — June 9, 2024)

3 min readJun 11, 2024



  1. The NETX ecosystem migration is in full swing! Major #testnet upgrade with token creation & smart contract capabilities coming June 20th.

2. Trias and Bitget joint event phase 5 is available! Trade and deposit $TRIAS on @bitgetglobal to grab a share of 1,000 $TRIAS! The event is valid till June 15, 2024, 10 AM (UTC).

3. $TAS rewards have arrived for the #NETX Eco Migration. Users can reclaim their $TRIAS on BSC & ETH for even more flexibility.

4. Team is developing an exciting rewards program for our $TRIAS holders, to recognize and thank you for your loyalty and contributions towards the NetX ecosystem.


Community Updates

  1. We have partnered with to host a quiz event where participants have the chance to share a prize pool. is our strategic partner, and we are currently seeking for more strategic partnerships.

2. We emphasized Triathon’s crucial role in the NetX ecosystem and how we plan to better integrate AI and Web3 in the future.

Technical Updates

  1. Opened the display of TAS rewards.

2. Developed the FAQ module for the TAS display.

3. Added a display function for the Bitget event entry.


Community Updates

  1. Tusima was integrated into @uquidcard universe!

2. The Tusima Galactic Campaign withdrawal function was launched.

3. The community voted on which network TSM will support.

Technical Updates

  1. Completed the development of the Tusima Galactic Campaign withdrawal function.
  2. Fixed the bug in Tusima 3.2 vision.
  3. Completed the testing CDK deployment.

Product Development

  1. Withdrawal data verification and function launch follow-up.
  2. Writing the requirements document for the official website V3.3.


Community Updates

  1. Ethanim released $BEPU New Development Plan: $EPU

2. Ethanim 40,000 tEPU Giveaway Whitelist campaign rewards have been distributed.

3. Ethanim released 50,000 tEPU Giveaway Whitelist on TaskOn platform.

Technical Updates

MetaChat display interface UI optimization.




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