Trias Weekly Updates(Jan 8- Jan 14,2024)

2 min readJan 15, 2024


Community Updates

  1. Triathon’s $GROW Exchange & Staking features are coming soon.

2. Triathon publishes the third part of its security education series: “Recognising and Avoiding Phishing Scams — Part 3”.

Technical Updates

Progress in developing the $GROW Community Exchange feature

  1. Added ETH cross-chain claim switching to the staking function.

2. Development of a stake feature in GROW community Exchange to support the ETH network.

3. Development of the exchange record interface function.


Community Updates

  1. Ethanim released sharing economy model, airdrops tens of millions of $BEPU tokens to community contributors.

2. A tutorial on how to register a BTC wallet address. Get ready to collect community BTC wallets.

3. The method of collecting addresses for community BTC wallets will be adapted to be accessible via Ethanim’s official website.

Technical Updates

  1. $BEPU inscription website page optimization.


Community Updates

  1. Tusima announced a partnership with @CommunitiesID

2. A giveaway event embracing 2024 was held.

Product Development

  1. The prototype design for the Tusima official website V3.0 has been completed.

Technical Updates

  1. The integration of zkProver has been completed.
  2. The OP Layer 2 solution is under research.
  3. The Docker deployment of the zk circuit is in progress.
  4. The deployment of the Messaging contract script is in progress.




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