Trias Weekly Updates(Jan 29, — Feb 4,2024)

3 min readFeb 6, 2024


  1. Trias held a joint event with Ethanim and Deindex to share the 3000 prize pool.


Community Updates

  1. $GROW Exchange & Stake is live and phase 1 of the exchange has ended.

2. An infographic showing you how to get $GROW in Triathon!

3. Exchange ratio between $GEON and $GROW adjusted.

4. An official page featuring AI-driven models is now live, and you can see how they are trained in the Triathon.

Technical Updates

  1. AI-driven model page development.

2. Optimization of Exchange Rules Popup.

3. Fixed Metamask wallet authorisation issue.


Community Updates

  1. BEPU distribution has begun and now supports applications on the Deindex platform.

2. A tutorial to show you how to claim BEPU if you are not a UniSat wallet user!

3. Bastet NFT has successfully completed the upgrade. Check more.

Marketing & Partnerships

Ethanim establishes partnership with @DeindexBTC

Technical Updates

BEPU phase II exchange end page was adjusted and new features developed.


Community Updates

  1. The Tusima January 2024 monthly report has been posted.

Technical Updates

1. The configuration and debugging of the zkSync chain ID have been completed and updated.

2. The DA (Data Availability) solution is currently under research.

3. The Layer 2 Graph is being edited and tested.

4. The test versions of zkEVM-Contracts and zkEVM-Node are being deployed.




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