Trias Weekly Updates (Feb 19— Feb 25,2024)

2 min readFeb 26, 2024


The first letter to the Trias community in 2024 has been published with achievements and future plans.


Community Updates

  1. An AMA on “How will #AI model training break through to new sparks in Web3?” was held. If you missed it, click here to catch up.

2. The $GROW listing programme is still ongoing and is live on and MEXC exchanges.

3. The first round of GROW Exchange & Staking activities has been successfully completed.

4. Here’s the schedule for the previous week, which has all gone off without a hitch.

Marketing & Partnerships

  1. $GROW is now listed on the MEXC exchange.

2. Triathon and to host joint AMA event on 26 February.

Technical Updates

  1. MetaMask Flask extension added to Triathon.
  2. Added MetaMask internal call to the snap method.


Community Updates

  1. Ethanim airdropped 20,000tEPU to users who didn’t claim BEPU as compensation for the delayed BEPU airdrop.

2. Ethanim released BEPU airdrop announcement: BEPU airdrop will begin on February 26th

Technical Updates

  1. BEPU page style addition and test chain addition.


Community Updates

  1. The communication with the Layer2 project for partnership is in progress.

Product Updates

1. The use case for on-chain payment data is currently being compiled and organized.

2. The UI design for the Tusima official website mobile V3.0 is currently in progress.

Technical Updates

  1. Integrating Near Data Availability (DA) is under research.
  2. Polygon CDK (Contract Development Kit) — Node documentation is under research.
  3. Polygon CDK Node services are currently being deployed.




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