Trias Weekly Updates(Apr 22 — Apr 28, 2024)

2 min readApr 29, 2024


  1. The NetX ecosystem has officially set sail. The NetX mainnet token migration will officially start on April 29, 2024, at 10:00 AM (UTC).

2. Winner lists for the #Trias & #Bitget first joint campaign has been released officially and the rewards will be distributed soon.


Community Updates

  1. We announced the partnership with Web3Go to work together to drive innovation and strengthen AI technology in the Web3 ecosystem.

2. We announced the one-day countdown to the TDO launch, revealing the specific time and total exchange amount of $TSM.

3. We revealed details of the NetX Ecosystem and Mainnet (Phase 1) Progress. 2.5 million Trias to be migrated to the mainnet. Stress testing is available for all community members.

4. Trias eco TDO (Phase II) was successfully launched. 60 million $TSM tokens are ready to be exchanged.

5. We are thrilled to announce that 10 Million $TSM milestone has been achieved in one hour.


Community Updates

  1. Tusima TDO was launched. Over 12 Million TSM were exchanged in less than 2 hours.

2. The Tusima Galactic test network Tusima Eagle has been launched, and everyone can experience transactions using TSM as gas fees.

Technical Updates

  1. Wrote the zkEVM testnet technical documentation.
  2. Conducted stress testing.
  3. Fixed zkEVM testnet bug.
  4. Developed the official DEX.

Product Development

  1. The Tusima V3.1.4 version has been successfully upgraded and deployed.

2. The Tusima V3.1.5 version has been successfully upgraded and deployed.


Community Updates

  1. BitcoinHalving 50,000 BEPU Giveaway Whitelist Campaign rewards have been distributed.

2. Ethanim 10,000 BEPU Whitelist Giveaway Campaign rewards have been distributed.

Technical Updates

  1. BEPU Land Metaverse page development

2. BEPU page static optimization




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