Trias Weekly Report ( September 6th, 2021 — September 12th, 2021)

Community Updates

1. With 10 dimensions and 100+ testing indicators, the Code Book of Genesis has been published. Details:

2. Triathon Infographic Contest has been launched. Halfway through the contest, 17 participants have submitted their one-pagers or infographics. And the first batch of LV6 Sea Monster NFTs has been sent to them.

3. The BSC anniversary mining event has been ended. Related statistics will be released after the whole event ends.

4. The application for listing on LunarCRUSH has been submitted.

5. The number of addresses holding TRIAS on BSC has increased by 67 to 2584 last week. Note: the top 2 holders are all the TRIAS held on Kucoin, which combines all TRIAS trading users into two accounts and serves as the cross-chain bridge for ERC20 and BEP20.

Development Updates

(Note some of these GitHub links need the verifier’s permission to be viewed. You are welcome to apply for Trias’s verifier program)

  1. The logic of transmitting CAPacket in P2P has been added.

2. The interface and instance of the cache pool of the consensus function have been modified.

3. The broadcasting rules of the consensus module have been modified.

4. The RankingServer and UnixSocket of Trias consensus algorithm have been added.

5. The blacklist of alliance chain version the implementation logic of CA have been added.

6. The detailed rules for the asset counting function of the alliance chain version have been added.

7. An intranet address for the website of the alliance chain version has been added.

8. A minute field has been added to the flow_detail in the database of Trias alliance chain.

9. The webpage of the Codebook of Genesis has been online.

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