Trias Weekly Report (September 20th, 2022–September 26th, 2022)

4 min readSep 26, 2022


Community Updates

  1. The monthly questions from the community have been answered.

2. NetX series Solutions to Existing Blockchain Privacy Concerns has been published.

Technical Updates (Fabric)

The tool for detecting the smart contract has been deployed.


Community Updates

  1. To meet the demands of the community, we adjusted the number of each type of part offered in the Carnival this time.

2. There are four new Ship NFTs have been released. Make sure you have the hull and parts to build a new ship.

3. An analysis article on the special address generation tool Profanity has been published.

4. Triathon, LiveArt and Huang Yuxing’s joint whitelist giveaway has ended, and the winners have been announced.

Marketing & Partnerships

Triathon and veDAO have reached a strategic partnership and Triathon will provide the Security Audit Service for our partner.

Technial Updates

  1. Four new Ship NFTs have come online.

2. CORE platform incorporates mythril for smart contract detection.

3. The code for the smart contract detection model has been updated.

4. Code has been updated for online detection of smart contract vulnerability.

5. Analyze token contracts using slither, the static smart contract checking tool.


Community Updates

  1. Rewards have been distributed to Metaverse Guardian Welfare Giveaway Phase Ⅳ campaign winners.

2. Rewards have been distributed to Bastet NFT Giveaway Ⅱ: Bastet NFT Kits Lottery (Phase Ⅴ) Winners.

3. Rewards have been distributed to Bastet NFT Giveaway Ⅱ:Invite friends to get kits (Phase Ⅴ).

4. Bastet NFT Giveaway — Bastet NFT Kits Lottery has started its 6th phase.

5.Bastet NFT Giveaway Ⅱ — Invitation to get Kits has started its 6th phase.

6.Metaverse Guardian Welfare Giveaway has started its 7th phase.

7.Rewards have been distributed to Ethanim DAO Ⅱ campaign winners.

8.Ethanim has launched the Global Ambassador Program.

9.Rewards have been distributed to Ethanim x LiveArtX x Huang Yuxing Joint Airdrop winners.

Technical Updates

  1. A user management module has been added on the website.


Community Updates

1.Tusima testnet will be launched soon and a warm-up event has started.

Technical Updates

1. The browser data format has been updated.

2. The Layer 2 gas fee calculation method has been optimized.

Product Development

1. We have taken privacy transactions testing on the Goerli network.

2.The TusimaDAO SBT plan is under design.




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