Trias Weekly Report (September 13th, 2022–September 19th, 2022)


  1. Trias community questions were started to be collected by the community and the collecting will end on 9/22.

2. Trias x LiveArt joint allowlists giveaway on Meta-morphic NFT collection has been launched. Grab the last chance to join:

3. NetX series A New World — NetX and Staring out of the cage, the giant gave a deep sigh at the new wilderness have been published.


  1. Triathon is hosting a Part NFT Carnival starting on September 16, each Part selling for only 2 TRIAS. Check out the details.

2. Triathon, LiveArt and Huang Yuxing are co-hosting the first NFT Meta-morphic allowlists giveaway. Make sure you don’t miss it.

3. An analysis report about the Fei Protocol attack has been published.

4. Rewards for 12 new ship giveaways have been distributed.

  1. Triathon and HyperPay have reached a strategic partnership and Triathon will provide a security detection service.
  1. Some bugs have been fixed.

2. Part carnival features have been developed.

3. Images of the parts NFT have been updated.


  1. Rewards have been distributed to winners of the Bastet NFT Giveaway Ⅱ: Bastet NFT Kits Lottery (Phase Ⅳ).

2. Rewards have been distributed to winners of the Bastet NFT Giveaway Ⅱ Invite to get lucky draws (phase Ⅳ).

3. The Bastet NFT Giveaway Ⅱ: Invitation to get Kits has started the 5th phase.

4. The Bastet NFT Giveaway — Bastet NFT Kits Lottery has started the 5th phase.

5. Ethanim DAO phase Ⅱ(Call for suggestions about Bastet NFT) has been launched.

  1. Some module style has been adjusted on the homepage.

2. The homepage animation has been modified.


  1. @TusimaNetwork X @LiveArtX X @huangyuxing_ first NFT collection Meta-morphic Allowlists Giveaway was held.

2. Tusima quiz tasks were published in Discord.

1. Tusima wallet UI design has been tweaked.

2. Bugs in the Tusima wallet and browser have been fixed

1. The wallet encryption and decryption testing is being taken.

2. The wallet optimization plan has been submitted.



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