Trias Weekly Report (October 30, 2023 –November 5, 2023)

4 min readNov 6, 2023


Community Updates

1.The active participants in the $TRIAS August #AMA have been revealed, and rewards will be on their way shortly.

2.The London Hackathon has come to a successful close, with four projects emerging as the final winners of the Trias bounties.


Community Updates

1.Triathon’s Dapp Risk Identification has achieved an impressive milestone, surpassing 4 million detections!

2.Triathon is in the process of improving its website and is about to launch the Chain Shadow tool.

3.Triathon has conducted an in-depth analysis and summary of blockchain security incidents that occurred in October.

Technical Updates

1 Proposal Voting

a.Capabilities of the voting details API have been extended by introducing additional data that will be returned when users access the details of their votes.

b.A new functionality that allows for the reloading of services during the restart process has been introduced.

2 Chain Shadow Data Source Retrieval

a.Data from all contracts’ transactions is retrieved and stored in ClickHouse. Additionally, the data is pushed to Kafka for further processing.

b.Data from all contracts’ transactions is retrieved and stored in ClickHouse. Additionally, the data is pushed to Kafka for further processing.

c.A new offset has been introduced for the latest page. Issues where the latest transaction data lacks certain essential information have been addressed.

3.Triathon is being expanded to include support for specific functionalities related to Ethereum.

4.The exchange module has been separated from the current official website.

5.The staking module is split from the existing official website


Community Updates

1.An article “What is the value of Bastet NFT in Web3 Games?” has been posted. Click to know more.

2.Ethanim hosted the Halloween Carnival Week: Bastet NFT Standard Loot Box Airdrop.

Technology Updates

1.Modifications have been made to the backend parameters related to themes in the MetaChat application.


Community Updates

1.Tusima zkBridge is now open-source. Please check out our GitHub.

2.Tusima October Monthly Report has been posted!

3.The Halloween Airdrop Carnival hosted by Tusima and @atem_network has concluded!

4.An article on ‘How to Complete Cross-Chain Token Transfer in Just 3 Minutes Using Tusima zkBridge Messaging’ has been published.

Technical Updates

1.The 3 Minutes Cross-Chain Documentation has been completed.

2.The stability issues with Operator and Relayer have been resolved.

3.Tusima zkBridge’s cross-chain integration with Scroll is currently under research.

4.Contract issues in zkBridge have been optimized.

5.The development of Tusima official website V1.2.3 has been completed.

Product Development

1.The cross-chain bridge pool is under research.

2.Tusima official website V1.2.3 is now live.




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