Trias Weekly Report (October 23, 2023 –October 29, 2023)

3 min readOct 30, 2023


Community Updates

1.Trias released the ETH London Hackathon Photo Contest.

2.The August AMA has been released, check it out.

3.Trias Halloween special event is ongoing.

4.Trias seminar at the London Hackathon was a big success!


Community Updates

1.A new chapter for Triathon is about to begin. AI-driven data vulnerability tagging and model training products will be launched soon.

2.Triathon empowers hackathons! Upload contracts for scanning and you’ll have a chance to win rewards!

Marketing & Partnerships

1.Trias & Triathon jointly hosted a Halloween event!

Technical Updates

1.The storage of on-chain data has been migrated from a Mongo database to ClickHouse.

2.Changes have been made to the routing system.

3.The way that event data is processed to determine rules related to staking has been updated.

4.New configurations specifically for testing purposes have been introduced.


Community Updates

1.Ethanim hosted the Ethanim Metaverse: Web3 Games AMA on Telegram.

2.Here are Web3 Games suggestions provided by the Ethanim community users.

3.Ethanim has released the rewards for the 30,000 tEPU Airdrop Whitelist Winners.

4.Ethanim has distributed rewards to the 50,000 tEPU Airdrop Whitelist Winners.

5.Ethanim has announced a new campaign: the 50,000 tEPU Airdrop Whitelist event.

6.Ethanim is launching the 20,000 tEPU + 30 USDT Airdrop Whitelist campaign.

7.Ethanim has introduced another vital aspect of the Ethanim metaverse: the Web3 Content Platform.

Technology Updates

1.The animations associated with themes in the MetaChat have been optimized.


Community Updates

1.Tusima and @LegendofArcadia Pumpkin Extravaganza event is in full swing.

2.Tusima attended the ETH LONDON ’23 conference and delivered a speech.

Technical Updates

1.Tusima zkBridge technical documentation and GitHub readme documentation are being written.

2.Tusima zkBridge Messaging unit is undergoing testing.

3.The automated integration by the Operator has been completed.

4.The Seob Graph has been modified, and a new zk contract has been deployed.

Product Development

1.The TSMSCAN explorer’s mobile version has been completed.

2.The collaborative proposal with the restaking protocol project is currently being drafted.




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