Trias Weekly Report (November 8th, 2022–November 14th, 2022)


  1. The winners’ lists of Trias holders’ rewarding event and Trias x LiveArt joint competition have been announced. Two artists from Trias ecosystem participated in the LiveArt Championship. Please vote for them:
  1. The bug that the contract will be frozen has been fixed.

2. The data recovery bug has been fixed.


  1. An analysis article about the vulnerability that caused a 33% drop in XEN price has been released.

2. LiveArt championship voting is live now. Vote for Trias ecosystem artworks.

3. Triathlon and AssureWallet will co-host an AMA on November 14th.

4. There is an update about the World Founder APE NFT. There’re still 14 APEs remaining to be given out. Join the official community to check more updates.

Telegram Official Group:

Discord Server:

  1. Triathon and AssureWallet have reached a strategic partnership.
  1. Key code repository has been prepared for open source.

2. “My NFT” module has been revised.

3. The “table” has been redesigned.

4. Bugs on the “Build” module have been fixed.

5. The Wallet Connect popup has been packaged.

6. The wallet pending status has been optimized.

7. The BSC detection module has been under development.

8. Animated cursor effect has been added.

9. The cards spinning effect on the BSC detection module has been developed.


  1. Bastet kit rewards have been distributed to winners of Ethanim AR Metaverse Welfare Giveaway Phase Ⅱ.
  1. The problem that the page is unresponsive and the official website is stuck when clicking on the FAQ page has been fixed.

2. The problem of inconsistency between the displayed kit picture and the actual drawn kit when the rotation is stopped by clicking the draw button has been fixed.

3. The prompt text that appears when the number of draws available at the current address exceeds 20 has been removed.

4. The airdrop data has been fixed. If the address has received airdrops today, the number of available draws will not increase.

5. The click-to-buy button has been fixed. The button is grayed out when pending, but users can still initiate a transaction when clicking again.

6. The number of purchased draws was not updated when switching wallet addresses, this issue has been fixed.


1. If you have completed the Tusima Testnet task and have claimed your TSBT, please join our discord for verification. You will be assigned the Tester role.

1. The issue of withdrawal failure has been fixed.

2. Privacy technology is being researched and discussed.

3. Technical documentation is being sorted out.

1. Community FAQ questions have been sorted out.

2. A meeting has been held and we discussed the implementation of privacy techniques with experts in cryptography and privacy algorithms.



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