Trias Weekly Report (November 6, 2023 –November 12, 2023)

3 min readNov 13, 2023



Community Updates

1.The rewards of the $TRIAS Aug #AMA have been distributed

2.Trias Ambassador Program will be released soon. Stay peeled.


Community Updates

1.Triathon has optimized the service page on its official website.

2.Winners for the Triathon & Trias Joint Halloween Event have been announced. Congratulations to all the outstanding creators!

Technical Updates

1. Service Page

a.Modifications have been made to the service page for improvements.

b.Bugs have been addressed in the service page to ensure it functions correctly.

2. Adjustments have been made to the pagination functionality in the proposal list, to enhance user experience.

3. The way existing exchange functions work to support invoking Ethereum contracts has been changed.

4. The capability for users to switch between networks in Metamask directly from the page has been introduced, offering convenience and flexibility.


Community Updates

1.Ethanim announces the 30,000 tEPU Airdrop Whitelist Campaign on the SoQuest platform.

2.Ethanim introduces the 50,000 tEPU Airdrop Whitelist Campaign on TaskOn.

Technology Updates

1.The functionality related to deleting conversations in the MetaChat application’s version 1.4.0 has been enhanced.


Community Updates

1.@Tusimanetwork ✖️ @web3vip have established a strategic partnership.

2.@Tusimanetwork and @web3vip jointly hosted a giveaway event.

Technical Updates

1.Tusima cloud server migration is now 50% complete.

2.Tusima zkBridge’s cross-chain integration with Scroll is currently under research.

3.The zkBridge testing script is under development.

4.The Scroll node client is undergoing testing.

Product Development

1.TSMscan V1.2.3 is now up and running.

2.We are currently in the process of drafting a business proposal to introduce NFTs in collaboration with our Japanese partner.

3.The translation of the TSMScan language pack has been completed.




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