Trias Weekly Report (November 30th, 2021 — December 6th, 2021)

Community Updates


1. Trias CEO AMA will be held at 10:00 am, December 7th, UTC in Trias Telegram channel. Raise questions on Trias to win 20 TRIAS and Triathon NFT parts:

2. An infographic on how Trias token economics and Trias eco-projects grow the community and stimulate Trias economy:

3. Trias Avatar Contest has ended and all the works have been graded. The results will be published soon. View works in Trias Discord:

4. TRIAS has been listed on Swappy. Now Triasurers can swap TRIAS (BSC) on Swappy with the token on Polygon and Avax. Guide to swap:

5. A giveaway to celebrate Palindrome Day has been launched. Details:


1.Triathon Economic Whitepaper has been released. Find out how to earn in Triathon:

2.Triathon “Build” has been online Build your NFTs: Guide to build NFTs:

3.Triathon Quiz Contest has been launched. Participate in the contest to win Triathon NFT parts:

4.Triathon giveaway has been launched. Participate in it to win GEON:

Technical Updates


The list of trusted verifiers on Trias-BSC of Trias Mainnet has been added and the calling interface has been open.

Trias Alliance Chain

1.(Tea Project) The background management system has been improved.

2. The UI style has been adjusted on Trias Alliance Chain.

3. The user management and template management have been modified on Trias Alliance Chain.

4. (Career Infomation Project) The function to get the total number of users under the roles has been added.

5. The calculation method of Trias Alliance Chain has been changed to Height. When the height changes, the components are re-rendered to increase performance.


1. The front end of composing Triathon NFTs has been updated.

2. The gitbook of Triathon has been updated.

3. The staking contract of Triathon Build has been updated and a new function has been added.

4.Triathon battleground has been developed.

Trustworthy and Reliable Intelligent Autonomous Systems

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Trustworthy and Reliable Intelligent Autonomous Systems

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