Trias Weekly Report ( November 23rd, 2021 — November 29th, 2021)

Community Updates


1. The article on how Trias improves the security and privacy of UTXO have been published. Read to explore Trias “Shadow” Account Design:

2. Kitano, CEO of Trias Japan, has been interviewed by the largest blockchain media in Japan. Read the English translation here:

3. Trias Avatar Design Contest has been launched. Dozens of avatars have been created. Participate in the contest to win NFT parts:

4. The submission of Trias Content Contest IV has ended. Vote for the works:

5. The airdrop event for TRIAS BSC holders to celebrate Thanksgiving Day has been launched and ended. Details:

6. The number of addresses holding TRIAS on BSC has increased to 4571 last week. Note: the top 2 holders are all the TRIAS held on Kucoin, which combines all TRIAS trading users into two accounts and serves as the cross-chain bridge for HECO, ERC20 and BEP20.


1.Triathon Build has been launched. Build your NFTs with ships and parts here:

Get NFT parts in the following events:

Follow the guide to build ships:

2. The fourth article of Triathon Now!, a series of articles interpreting Triathon, has been published. Read on Dungeon here:

3. The airdrops of armor and leaser have ended and the NFT parts have been sent to winners. Stay tuned for more airdrops of NFT parts.

Development Updates


1. Trias-BSC mainnet data display on Triathon has been enabled.

2. TM node interface request and the ladder(Trias node ranking list) have been enabled.


1. The Build and Staking function of Triathon has been updated in the front end.

2. The contract of Build and Staking has been updated.

3.The back-end code of Triathon Market has been updated.

Trias Alliance Chain

1. (Trias energy project) The large screen of Trias energy project has been built.

2. (Energy project) The data map has been changed.

3. (Tea Project): The judgment of the uploading record of users has been added to enterprise branding.

4. (Tea Project) The function of deleting (including batch) roles has been added and the judgment of not deleting fixed roles has been added.

5. (Tea project) The filter conditions of the background expert list page according to the region have been modified.

6. (Credit reporting project) The score of the enterprise employer has been calculated.




Trustworthy and Reliable Intelligent Autonomous Systems

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Trustworthy and Reliable Intelligent Autonomous Systems

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