Trias Weekly Report (November 15th, 2022–November 21st, 2022)

4 min readNov 22, 2022


Community Updates

  1. The total addresses holding TRIAS on the chain exceeds 10K and we launched a rewarding event for celebrating it. Claim the rewards here.

Technical Updates

  1. The redemption feature of heterogeneous blockchain has been optimized.

2. The configuration of subscriptions and updates has been developed.


Community Updates

  1. There are updates regarding PRODUCT PROGRESS, DUNGEON SHIP NFT, THE TOKEN ECONOMY, and OUR COMMUNITY SITUATION! Join the official community

🔸Telegram Official Group:

🔸Discord Server:

2. Triathon hosted the Phase 4 NFT Mystery Box event.

3. Triathon is glad to be the sponsor for the LiveArt championship. Come and cheer for “Ape Space World Cup’’ artwork!

4. Triathon World Cup theme activities are in full swing…

5. The “Parts Carnival” is ongoing. Come and get the Parts and Hulls to build your Ship NFT.

6. Triathon hosts the World Cup Prediction Contest. Join the Discord server, Share the 10,000 GEON Prize Pool.

Technical Updates

  1. [Bottom-layer TM BSC] Fixed a bug when the service of TM sending transaction script generates synchronous blocking in tm node when submitting a transaction.

2. The test case pool page has been developed.

3. A flowing border on the front end of Triathon’s website has been added.

4. Particle animation was added to the first screen.

5. The test record page has been developed.

6. The BSC Detection page has been developed.

7. The front-end “My NFT” page has been developed.

8. Bugs on the “My NFT” module have been fixed.

9. BSC Detection ranking module has been developed.


Community Updates

1.The planning of the invitation series event has been completed.

Technical Updates

  1. The error in filling the background color of “Rules for the number of purchase lottery” has been modified.

2. The inconsistency of the current online version has been modified.

3. Bugs in the answer section have been fixed.

4. More known bugs have been fixed.


Community Updates

1.@TusimaNetwork x @PlayerOneWorld together held a campaign — World Cup Theme Creation Contest.

2. The Tusima Testnet data progress report from September 30th to October 31st has been released.

Technical Updates

1. The Testnet transaction records have been optimized.

2. A discussion has been held to research Tusima privacy technology with experts in cryptography and algorithms.

3. ZK technology and cross-chain bridge technology are under research.

Product Development

1. The team has talked with experts in privacy-related technologies about resource matching.

2. ZK cross-chain bridge products are under research.




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