Trias Weekly Report (November 13, 2023 –November 19, 2023)

3 min readNov 20, 2023

🪐 Triathon

Community Updates

  1. Triathon has initiated a pre-launch activity for SecurityGuard.

2. Triathon collaborates with MistTrack for the Web3 Security Month event, offering a shared prize pool of 10,000 USDT.

3. Triathon has published an article highlighting the recent breakthroughs in AI security, specifically focusing on the advancements made with the Multi-Intelli Scanner.

Marketing & Partnerships

  1. Triathon&Hapi have officially announced a strategic collaboration in the realm of web3 security.

Technical Updates

  1. The collection of data from the ChainShadow data source.
    A performance issue related to the slow collection of data for contracts with a high transaction volume has been fixed.

2. The process of proposal voting has been optimized.

🪐 Ethanim

Community Updates

  1. Rewards distribution for Ethanim’s 30,000 tEPU Airdrop Whitelist Campaign winners has been completed.

2. Rewards distribution for Ethanim’s 50,000 tEPU Airdrop Whitelist Campaign winners has been completed.

3. Ethanim has launched a 50,000 tEPU Airdrop Whitelist Campaign on the DeNet platform.

Technology Updates

  1. The functionality related to refreshing conversations within MetaChat has been improved.


Community Updates

  1. @Tusimanetwork ✖️ @INTOverse_ have established a strategic partnership.

Technical Updates

  1. The Tusima server migration has been completed.
  2. The integration of Scroll’s relayer and operator has been completed.

3. The development of Scroll’s integrated contract has been completed.

Product Development

  1. The partnership proposal with Circle is being drafted.
  2. The new solution for the cross-chain bridge pool is under discussion.
  3. The launch plan for the Japanese payment data chain is under discussion.




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