Trias Weekly Report (May 9th, 2023 –May 15th, 2023)

2 min readMay 16, 2023



Community Updates

  1. Triathon is hosting a Pizza Festival with a shared prize pool of 1 BTC. The deadline for participation is May 22nd.

2. Triathon has provided an explanation to the community about the upcoming Test-to-Earn feature.

3. The community week points sprint plan has started!

Marketing & Partnerships

  1. Triathon & FatPay celebrated their partnership in the Security Alliance by holding an event.

Technical Updates

  1. Detection platform

The detection result processing logic has been modified. And the monitoring file has been de-duplicated.

2. The way of the test result log processing has been modified.

3. The redis subscribing and messaging have been optimized.


Community Updates

1.MetaChat 1.0 has been launched.

2.Ethanim released #Phase 1# Bastet Soul NFTs Whitelist Giveaway.

3.Ethanim released Bastet Soul NFT 200 USDT Giveaway campaign.

4.Ethanim AI Metaverse Ecology 200 USDT Giveaway: Prizes have been sent.

5.An AMA about ‘Bastet Soul Value Introduction’ has been held in Telegram.

6.Ethanim released #Phase 2# Bastet Soul NFTs Whitelist Giveaway.

Technology Updates

1.The Bastet Soul static page has been added.

2. A new way of minting BastetSoul NFT has been added to the smart contract.

3.The ws service has been added to My Bastet Soul.

4.Problems about switching the connected wallet, new token signing and ws service update have been modified.


Community Updates

1. The rewards for the top 10 members on the Tusima Zealy Task Leaderboard, who have obtained the Early Bird role, have been released.

2.Japan Lead of @TusimaNetwork Yoshikatsu Kitano will join the @teamz_inc WEB3 SUMMIT in Tokyo on May 17.

Technical Updates

1. The SQLite function has been improved and stress test data logging has been added.

2. Tusima community members’ Zealy task points have been updated.

3. The home page animation of the cross-chain bridge official website is under development.

4. The ZK circuit design of the cross-chain bridge is under research.

Product Development

1. The cross-chain bridge design style is under research.




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