Trias Weekly Report (May 3rd, 2022–May 9th, 2022)

Community Updates


Trias has formed the strategic partnership with Cassava Network, an Africa-based blockchain infrastructure project. To celebrate the cooperation, Trias and Cassava Network has launched a joint free mint of AfriMyth NFT props.

Partnership Announcement:

Joint free mint of AfriMyth NFT props:


1.An article on Delegatecall Vulnerabilities in Solidity has been published. Details:

2.April security incidents inventory released. The Blockchain ecosystem was attacked with a total amount of about $280 million, which is more than 21 typical security incidents.

3.Triathon community announces a major update for May, Looking forward to its launch. Welcome to join the community and check it.

Telegram Triathon Group:

Discord Triathon Space:

4.Triathon’s new Ship NFT image has been released.

Technical Updates

Trias Mainnet

1.The BSCDetect contract has been developed.

2.The problem of synchronous deletion error of the second startup node has been fixed.

3.The problem of the consistency of list data and the verification problem when resetting nodes have been fixed.

4.MSP configuration is loaded.

5.The configuration of loading tls has been added.

6.The bug that libp2p obtains public IP, while tianbang obtains internal and external IP by default, and the IP does not correspond has been fixed.


1.The official website of Triathon has been developed.

2.The interface and content of My NFT have been debugged.

3.The contract interface of My NFT has been debugged and the types have been screened.


1.The configuration has been loaded.

2.The home page interface debugging is completed, and UI has been modified and updated.




Trustworthy and Reliable Intelligent Autonomous Systems

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Trustworthy and Reliable Intelligent Autonomous Systems

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