Trias Weekly Report (May 30th, 2023 –June 5th, 2023)

2 min readJun 6



Community Updates

  1. Triathon has launched the Contract Vulnerability Bounty Hunter 1.0, where users can earn rewards in GEON by contributing to the discovery of vulnerabilities.

2. Triathon has released the list of winners for the Pizza Festival.

3. Triathon has continued to provide education to the public. This time it’s about how to prevent phishing websites.

Technical Updates

1. The static page of test-driven mining has been added.

2. The History popup and the Rules popup have been added.

3. The ws connection of test-driven mining has been built.


Community Updates

1.Winners of #Phase 3# Bastet Soul NFTs Whitelist have been announced and rewards have been sent.

2.Ethanim released #Phase 4# Bastet Soul NFTs Whitelist Giveaway campaigns

3.Ethanim released ‘Ethanim Users Questions Feedback Form’

4.Rewards for winners of Invite friends to the community to get Bastet Soul have been sent.

Technology Updates

  1. MetaChat adds stream chat feature.


Community Updates

1.Tusima invited eight outstanding speakers to recap the Twitter Space AMA of EDCON2023 in Montenegro.

2.Tusima LinkedIn has been successfully created.

3.Tusima will be a Gold Partner of @IVS_Official CRYPTO 2023 which will be held in Kyoto on 28–30 June.

Technical Updates

1.The first version of the ZK asset cross-chain contract has been completed.

2.Tusima block pause bug has been resolved.

3.The front-end menu component of the cross-chain bridge project has been connected.

4.The front-end basic framework of the cross-chain bridge project has been packaged.

5.Zealy’s API access is under development.

Product Development

1.The logo design of the Tusima Bridge product is under discussion.

2.The cross-chain bridge development is in progress.




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