Trias Weekly Report (May 16th, 2023 –May 22nd, 2023)

2 min readMay 25, 2023



The questions of April from the Trias community has been answered.


Community Updates

  1. Triathon has announced the details of the upcoming plan for Contract Vulnerability Bounty Hunters.

2. Triathon optimized the static detection for the Enterprise version, making it more accurate!

Marketing & Partnerships

  1. Triathon and Zealy have formed a partnership to introduce a new contribution points system to the community.

Technical Updates

  1. Static detection: The detection risk level has been optimized.

2. Fuzz testing: The status change is pushed to the Redis pub for notification.

3. Fuzz Testing Ws service: Monitor redis status sub pushes the specified channel directly

4. Fuzz testing has added the functionality of monitoring the status of the Redis database and can push specified content to a designated channel.


Community Updates

1.Ethanim released #Bitcoin #Pizza Day Bastet NFTs Giveaway Welfare Week campaign on multiple platforms.

2.Ethanim launched #Bitcoin Pizza Day Ethanim Community Members Welfare Week campaign.

3.Ethanim released MetaChat Ambassador Giveaway Campaign.

4.Ethanim released “10,000 GEON = Free access to MetaChat(aka ChatGPT)”.

5.Ethanim released “5 #TRIAS = Free access to MetaChat (aka ChatGPT)”.

6.Ethanim released #Phase 1#Bastet Soul NFTs Whitelist Winners Announcement. Rewards have been sent.

7.Ethanim released #Phase 2#Bastet Soul NFTs Whitelist Giveaway campaign.

Technology Updates

1.Bastet introduces a new invitation module.

2.The issue of token expiration when users draw mysterious boxes in the personal center section has been optimized.

3. The issue of token expiration in the WS service has been resolved.


Community Updates

1. Tusima Tokyo TEAMZ Web3 Summit snapshot check-in campaign has been successfully completed.

2. The recap of Tusima at the Tokyo TEAMZ Web3 Summit has been released.

Technical Updates

1. Tusima block explorer data decryption bug has been resolved.

2. The cross-chain bridge circuit program is under development.

3. The zkBridge contract is under development.

Product Development

1. Cross-chain bridge sub-page design has been completed.

2. Cross-chain bridge home page template data is being collected.

3. The points-based AMM redemption scheme is currently being designed.




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