Trias Weekly Report (May 16th, 2022–May 22nd, 2022)

Community Updates


The joint free mint event with Cassava Network has ended and the whitelists have been allocated to winners.


1.Triathon has launched a new brand. The new brand upgrade indicates that Triathon has achieved phased results and has excellent future development prospects.

Read more:

2. Triathon held a product experience officer event, and everyone was welcome to participate.

Read more:

3. An article on Smart Contract Vulnerability — Rollback Vulnerability has been published. Details:

4.Triathon’s playbook has been updated, Get ready the hull and parts to build your ship. Click for details:


1.A short video to introduce Ethanim has been published. Details:

2.Ethanim validation mining and related campaigns will start soon. Details:

3.An article about how users can earn benefit from validation mining has been published.


4.Ethanim ecological inflation and deflation operating mechanism have been introduced.

Technical Updates

Trias Alliance Chain

1.Trias consortium chain version realizes dynamic generation of client configuration files compatible with fabric contracts.

2.The interface to inquire about configuration service.

3.The repeated data has been filtered.

4.The contract calling interface has been realized.


1.The new version of the official website has been updated.

2.The page for adding blind boxes has been developed.

3.The problem the community has raised have been fixed.

4.The pop-up window when connecting the wallet has been optimized.

5.The testrule text of Triathon new features has been optimized.

6.The parameter transfer problem when inquiring about the addresses on the leaderboard feature has been updated.

7.The homepage of new feature has been optimized and the video address has been replaced.

8.The contract for the first version of mystery boxes has been developed.

9.The display of ships and images has been adjusted.

10.The product document of Mainstage has been optimized and the demo of logging in after confirming in the wallet has been developed.




Trustworthy and Reliable Intelligent Autonomous Systems

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Trustworthy and Reliable Intelligent Autonomous Systems

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