Trias Weekly Report (May 10th, 2022–May 15th, 2022)

Community Updates


The joint giveaway of Trias and Cassava Network have ended. Winners’ list will be announced on 5/17 when the claim starts. Prepare yourseld to claim!


An article on investigating smart contract vulnerabilities-Denial Attacks has been published. Details:


Ethanim Eternal File System has been introduced.

Technical Updates


1.The bug of warning has been fixed.

2.The configuration of skipping non-organization objectives has been optimized.


1.Triathon leaderboard has been developed.

2.The pop-up window of sharing leaderboard has been developed.

3.The pull down loading function has been developed.

4.The page routing configuration has been developed.

5.The testrule, token test and market have been editted.

6.Market and mytestrecord style have been optimized.

7.The text of home, token and mytestrecord have been completed.

8.The test of testrule and leaderboard has been completed.

9.The parameter of ships’ type status has been adjusted.

10.The bug that the height of the build page would be higer has been fixed and its style has been optimized.

11.The style of navigation when linking wallet has been optimized.

12.The test time has been adjusted and the time present has been adjusted to UTC time.


1.The functions of recalculating the staking end time and egg time have been tested

2.The bug that of Trias-BSC testnet has been fixed and the peer IP of libp2p of TM and the interface of getranking() has been corresponded.

3.The configuration template has been generated according to the requested parameter and the arrange configuration has been optimized.

4.The hard coding of Trias-BSC configuration template has been repaired.

5.The logic fault to get relevant function of chainmetaData has been corrected.




Trustworthy and Reliable Intelligent Autonomous Systems

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Trustworthy and Reliable Intelligent Autonomous Systems

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