Trias Weekly Report (March 29th, 2022–April 4th, 2022)

Community Updates


The attack on Ronin cross-chain bridge has been analyzed. Details:


  1. Ethanim portal and wallet have been previewed.



2. The design principle of Ethanim has been introduced. Know the four principles:

3. An Article on Ethanim making metaverse apps more decentralized has been published. Read:


1. The mechanism of how Tusima improves the performance of mainnet with ZKRollup has been explained.

Technical Updates

Trias Mainnet

1. Part of the functions of nodes have been upgraded on Trias-BSC and the problem of packet loss has been fixed.

2. The problem that Mainnet cannot parse private keys of some special formula has been solved.

3. The function of generating configuration has been realized.

4. The interface to obtain the configuration of nodes has been added.



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