Trias Weekly Report (March 15th, 2022–March 21st, 2022)

3 min readMar 21, 2022


Community Updates


1.Trias has partnered with LiveArtX, a fine art NFT marketplace. To celebrate the strategic partnership, a joint free mint of 500 LiveArtX Membership NFT Mystery Boxes has been launched. The winners’ list has been published! Trias has distributed 100 mystery boxes to ETH Users, 100 to BSC users, 100 to Trias Community Contributors and 200 to those who completed the Gleam tasks. Check out if you are the lucky winner:

Read more:

2.The Trias Notion has been updated to help beginers and masters learn more about Trias. Check it:

3.The benefits of EVM compatibility for Tusima has been introduced from the perspectives of the developers, users and public chain ecosystems. Learn more:


The discussion about ZK Rollup countinued. Check out why it will be adopted in Triathon:


A teaser video about Ethanim has been released. With Ethanim, the most secure blockchain-based infrastructure for Dapps, let’s look forward to the arrival of the decentralized metaverse. Watch the video:

Technical Updates


1.Triathon’s gas fee data handling has been optimized.

2.Triathon’s official website has been revised, and the NFT Group and Market sections have been updated.

3.The general contract calling interface has been optimized.


1. The front-end engineering code has been optimized and the annotations has been added.

2.Libp2p has been optimized and modified. There are now 3 message types that can be forwarded.

3 The forwarding service port has been optimized and modified to obtain through the configuration file.

Trias Alliance Chain

The sdk package name has been fixed to make it easier for other projects for reference of the sdk auto-download package.




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