Trias Weekly Report (March 14th, 2023 –March 20th, 2023)

4 min readMar 21, 2023


The monthly questions from Trias community are answered.


Community Updates

  1. A new business model was released.

Marketing & Partnerships

  1. Triathon reached a strategic cooperation with LegendofArcadia. Those who do the task will get rewards. Come and join the event. It will end on March 22nd.

2. We’re excited to announce that TriathonLab, a decentralized test-driven and fundraising platform, has been listed on the HyperPayWeb3 Wallet!

3. Triathlon joins CassavaNetwork as an early partner.

Technical Updates

  1. The API for testing ERC721 standard token/NFT has been added.

2. The detection API has been merged.

3. When users are waiting in line for detection, it shows the wrong time and version. This bug has been fixed.

4. The way of distribution of the rewards that were given in each turn has been removed.

5. Bugs detected in the serial upgrade have been fixed.


Community Updates

  1. Ethanim has built a strategic partnership with veDAO, a decentralized investing and financing platform led by DAO.

2. The Bastet NFT Lootbox Whitelist campaign has started. Come and join in!

Technical Updates

  1. Contract interaction pop-up box has been packaged.

2. The layout and style of the navigation bar have been modified.

3. The display of drawing mystery box has been improved.

4. The static page of the personal center has been developed.

5. The Bastet redeem pop-up box and upgrade pop-up box have been developed.


Community Updates

1. We are thrilled to announce that Mr. Shin Sai, Special Manager of NTT Docomo Web3 sector has joined Tusima as Chief Strategist.

2. An AMA discussion on ‘Gems in layer2 Ecosystem’ with @Topia has been done on the Twitter space.

Technical Updates

1. The Tusima-Japan data configuration has been added.

2. A link to the Japanese version has been added to the official website of Tusima.

3. The Tusima stress test bot bug has been fixed.

4. Tusima has been deployed to run on the Linux server.

Product Development

1. The privacy application solution is under discussion.

2. The structure of the technical white paper has been adjusted.

3. The product plan of reward points AMM trading system is being edited.




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