Trias Weekly Report (June 6th, 2023 –June 12th, 2023)

4 min readJun 12, 2023



Community Updates

  1. Triathon will make use of AI to enhance contract auditing capabilities.

2. Triathon has increased the number of detection times for Fuzz Testing. Now, users can take 50 tests within 100 minutes.

Marketing & Partnerships

Triathon & Zealy platform will co-host a Contract Vulnerability Bounty Hunter Contest.

Technical Updates

  1. Contract Vulnerability Bounty Hunter

The current time zone has been updated.

Items with an empty risk column will be removed from the leaderboard and risk is set to 0 by default.

Some legacy bugs in test-driven mining have been fixed.

2. FUZZ Testing

The detection status change records has been added.


Logs recording the number of monitoring files have been added.

In the monitoring of test results, new exception handling has been added.

“Change the detection status” has been removed.

Limit the number of contracts submitted for testing to 5 contracts simultaneously.

Contract address file merge import matching issue has been fixed.

The problem of multiple occurrences of privacy pop-up boxes on the front-end of fuzz testing has been solved.

3. Triathon website navigation bar has been upgraded.


Community Updates

1.Winners of #Phase 4# Bastet Soul NFTs Whitelist have been announced and rewards have been sent.

2.Ethanim released #Phase 5# Bastet Soul NFTs Whitelist Giveaway campaign.

3.Ethanim released ‘Invite to Earn Soul NFT’ campaign.

4.Ethanim released: holding Soul NFT can get chance to use MetaChat (aka ChatGPT)

Technology Updates

  1. MetaMask authorization method on the Bastet page has been fixed.

2.MetaChat adopts Server-Sent Events(SSE) protocol.

3.The html format of the Bastet website has been processed.


Community Updates

  1. The Tusima May report has been tweeted.

2. An article on ‘Cross-Chain Bridges: An Introduction, Current Status, and Risks’ has been posted.

Technical Updates

  1. The zksync interface is currently under research.
  2. The ZK asset message cross-chain contract has been developed

3.The frontend asset cross-chain functionality of the cross-chain bridge is currently being docked.

4.The frontend pages of the cross-chain bridge are under development.

Product Development

1.The cross-chain bridge development is in progress.

2.The requirements for cross-chain bridge testing have been explained.

3.The documentation for the Tusima Japanese website has been organized.




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