Trias Weekly Report (June 28, 2021 — July 5, 2021)

It has been a very productive week as always at Trias. We have never been so motivated before and we think the best way to move forward is to keep the building. Community updates and the technical progress in last week are as follows:

Community Updates

1.The airdrop to celebrate TRIAS selected in the KuCoin Plus Trading Area has been sent to the 50 lucky guys. LV1 NFTs can be used for mining:

2.Trias Staking is ended with 221,222.2 TRIAS staked at an APY of 54%. The staked TRIAS and rewards will be sent to Triasurers later.

3.Trias Testnet has been launched in the form of Triathon. Details:

4.To celebrate Trias Testnet launch, a new round of airdrop of 50 mining NFT has been launched. Users can participate before July 7th. Details:

5.Trias CEO Dr. Angbang Ruan’s AMA has been held in Trias telegram( Dr. Anbang Ruan talked about recent development and process on Triathon ( and was warmly welcomed by the community with new triasurers flood in. The AMA recap has been published:

6.Trias NFT warehouse has been launched. Triasurers can check your NFTs on

Development Updates

Followings are the updates on development. (Note some of these GitHub links need the verifier’s permission to be viewed. Welcome to apply for Trias’s verifier program)

1.The staking rewards have been checked and will be sent to Triasurers later.

2.A batch token sending tool has been developed for sending recent airdrop rewards and staking rewards.

3.The webpage of Trias NFT has been updated.

4.The line chart of host quantity has been added on the assets inventory home page of Trias alliance chain.

5.The webpage of Triathon has been developed.

6.The development of the asset inventory kernel module on Trias alliance chain version has been promoted.

7.The function of account details has been added to Trias alliance chain version.

8.The backend system development of asset inventory on Trias alliance chain has been promoted.

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