Trias Weekly Report (June 21st, 2022–June 27th, 2022)

6 min readJun 27, 2022



1. The staking APR for TRIAS/HUSD liquidity pair on MDEX reached 600+%. Follow the guide to stake.

2. NetX series Life Emerges was published.

3. An event to celebrate the 10k followers for @Trias_one has been launched. Winners will be announced in 2 days.

4. A Trias x Voyage in Paradise joint giveaway event of 5 tickets in music event has been launched.


Community Updates

1. The testnet of Triathon has been launched, and everyone can try it now.

2.A mystery box experience event was held in the community. And there’ll be more experience events in the future.

3. Triathon mystery box activity has been wrapped up and 2,000 mystery boxes were opened within 14 hours since launch.

4. Welcome to read the NetX>Triathon series2: Trust Machine — code-based trust model.

5. An article regarding the Analysis of MetaMask Wallet Vulnerability has been published.

Technical Updates


1. Mainstage website optimization

1.1 The fill color of the input box and the display color of the json data table have been modified.

1.2 The display style of the echarts icon has been modified and a sliding prompt has been added.

1.3 Dashed lines to icons have been added and page layout has been adjusted.

1.4 The address text color and json format that appeared after the wallet was connected successfully have all been adjusted.

2. The online time of mystery box was set.

3. Mystery box related bugs have been fixed.

4. Gas fee optimization

In progress

5. The token detection ranking list is under development.

6. The initial version of the smart contract for ITO pre-sale purchases is under development.

Product Development

1. The product requirements document (PRD) for BSC Chaos Test Optimization is being written.

2. Requirements for mobile adaptation of the Triathon official website is being written.

3. Triathon gas fee optimization has been followed up.

4. Details of developers & open-source communities have been collected and sorted out.

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Community Updates

1. Ethanim Network 10K Bastet NFTs free claim Campaign

2. Ethanim and Crema giveaway × free NFT activity has started.

Marketing & Partnerships

Ethanim Network has reached strategic cooperation with Crema Finance and launched NFT airdrop campaign

Technical Updates


1. Logging module was added.

2. The overall layout structure has been modified.

3. The record module redemption record has been modified.

4. My invitation page development

5. Code was merged.

6. Icons were added to My invitation page and interface debugging has been taken.

7. The Setting page was developed.

8. Project theme background was replaced with dark mode.

9. Daily/monthly/annual income data and monthly/annual online statuses were collected.

10. Testing problems on the NFT official website (Ethanim jump project) have been fixed.

10.1 The jump link and text style were modified.

10.2 The default English and Japanese text and fonts have been modified.

10.3 The prompt and jumping link to switch to the mobile version have been added to the NFT official website’s pc version.

11. The client voting data has been processed, and service data has been put in a repository

12. New requirements were added to the PC version

13. Ethanim Network mobile version was added.

Product Development


1. Bastet NFT official website officially launched

2. The display style of the first screen on Ethanim Network’s official website was optimized.

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Community Updates

1. A diagram of Tusima MVD Approach was posted.

2. A diagram explaining the TusimaDAO primary development was posted.

3. The article Changes from Web1.0 to Web3.0? was published.

4. The article How to achieve confidentiality and anonymity of privacy in web3? was published.

5. A discussion about the Discord entry process was held.

Technical Updates

1. A discussion on Tusima cross-chain solutions has been taken.

2. A discussion on Tusima’s Privacy Transaction Technology Solution has been taken.

Product Development

1. Tusima plugin wallet test case was reviewed.

2. Communication and confirmation of official website style have been made.

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