Trias Weekly Report (June 21, 2021 — June 27, 2021)

It has been a very productive week as always at Trias. We have never been so motivated before and we think the best way to move forward is to keep the building. Community updates and the technical progress in last week are as follows:

Community Updates

Address sending out these NFTs: 0x129613C683098566401f04A420aDc34818eD4827

2.Trias NFT liquidity mining has been launched with 10,000 TRIAS rewards. Starting at 10:00, June 24th, UTC, The event last 30 days.

Mining here:

3.The guide to getting LP tokens has been published to help Triasurers mining:

4.To celebrate Trias listed on KucoinPlus, an airdrop has been launched with 50 LV1 NFTs rewards. The rewards will be sent to the lucky guys on June 30th. To share the rewards and participate in the airdrop:

Development Updates

1.Trias official website has been modified in accordance with marketing events.

2.Community feedback has been updated and the link for Trias NFT has been replaced:

3.The web pages of asset inventory account, database, configuration file, and environment variable page. (Verifier permission is needed)

4.Port service query open host has been added to Trias alliance chain asset inventory function. (Verifier permission is needed)

5.Environment variables added to the asset inventory function on Trias alliance chain version. (Verifier permission is needed)

6.The Github project file directory of Trias alliance chain Sunchasing version has been modified to meet the requirements of customer management. (Verifier permission is needed)

7.The GitHub of the project file directory has been modified on Butian system of Trias alliance version to meet the user’s management requirements.

8.The NFT mining page has been developed.

9.Trias NFT contract has been developed.

10.The support for ethermint integration testing has been added on Trias alliance chain version.

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