Trias Weekly Report (June 14th, 2022–June 20th, 2022)


Community Updates

  1. NetX series Challenges and Solutions for Public Chain (Tusima series 2) was published.

2. NetX series The Present Metaverse doesn’t Denote Decentralization (Ethanim series 2) was published.

Marketing & Partnerships

  1. Trias and Crema Finance formed a strategic partnership and started a freemint event

2. Trias announced an expansion on the HECO ecosystem

3. Trias started a Joint Liquidity Mining and Boardroom Mining with MDEX


Community Updates

  1. An article regarding Optimism was hacked for over $35 million was published.

2. An infographic regarding Triathon’s staking steps was released.

Technical Updates


  1. Triathon official website development.

2. Triathon ship’s “add HP” and “level upgrade” methods were upgraded.

3. A way to stake ships was added

4. Some bugs in the mystery box activity have been fixed.

In progress:

  1. Interfaces were added and the ABI of the smart contract was replaced.

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Community Updates

1. “Ethanim Metaverse Guardians Pre-Launch Giveaway” event wrapped up.

2. Bastet NFT Campaign began to warm up.

Marketing & Partnerships

Ethanim Network and Crema Finance formed a strategic partnership.

Technical Updates


1. Ethanim Network completed processing of voting service groupings

2. The staking contract, token contract and NFT building contract were completed.

3. Ethanim Network completed the development of the official website page

Product Development

1. Ethanim officially launched the Bastet NFT Campaign.

2. The official website of Ethanim Bastet NFT has been developed and is being tested.

3. Ethanim Network’s official website optimizes community contact information and video display rules.

🌍 Ethanim | Twitter | Discord | Telegram | Reddit | Instagram | YouTube 🌍


On 13 Jun 2022, we officially launched the Tusima Network — another key member of the NetX. It will dedicate itself to private transaction protection and the construction of privacy financial applications. It has got many announcements already lined up for the coming days. So stay peeled!

Community Updates

  1. Tusima socials were established.




2. An introduction to Tusima was published.

3. The Tusima origin and brief introduction were posted.

Product Development

  1. A discussion on how to fulfill the requirements of Privacy Encryption Browser was held.
  2. A review of the design of Tusima Blockchain Browser was gathered.
  3. Preparing Gitbook documents.

Technical Updates

  1. Development of Tusima official website PC version is ongoing.

2. Research on Privacy Transactions Algorithms has been taken.

3. Cross-chain Demo development is in progress.

🌍 Tusima | Twitter | Discord | Medium | Gitbook | GitHub | Mirror | Snapshot 🌍



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