Trias Weekly Report (July 7th, 2021 — July 12th, 2021)

It has been a very productive week as always at Trias. We have never been so motivated before and we think the best way to move forward is to keep the building. Community updates and technical progress in last week are as follows:

Community Updates

2. Staked TRIAS from our 1st Staking Auction have been sent back to Triasurers with a phenomenal APY of 54%. Stay tuned for info on the next round of staking. TRIAS also can be earned through NFT mining:

3.The airdrop for Trias testnet launch (Triathon) has concluded and the rewards will be sent to 50 lucky people later. Check the NFT here:

4.The rules for Triathon have been updated. Check them on

5.The airdrop for Triathon was launched on July 10th, with over 10k people entering. Winners will be selected from real participants and rewards sent to them in due course.

Development Updates

1.Trias alliance chain asset inventory interface has been optimized.

2.Policies have been opened and disabled in bathches via the Trias alliance chain.

3.A BSN smart contract has been added to Trias.

4.Host source has been updated for Trias alliance chain node host asset inventory.

5.Node host asset inventory from the Trias alliance chain has been removed from the t-agent and merged into our operation and maintenance asset discovery project.

6.The Google analytics code has been replaced.

7. Battleground description and rules have been added to the Triathon website.

8.The style of the navigation bar from Trias alliance chain node host asset inventory has been optimized.

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