Trias Weekly Report (July 26th, 2022–August 1st, 2022)

4 min readAug 1, 2022



Community Updates

  1. To support our partner LiveArtX and explore the possibility in web3 art field, Trias has launched a joint open call to recruit artists for LiveArtX Global 100 Event.

2. NetX series Controllable Privacy Financial Infrastructure on Layer 2 has been published.

3. NetX series We need it not for the popularity it enjoys has been published.

4. Trias was rated as top 10 gems by Crypto Graph Ratings.

5. Trias launched a joint giveway event with LiveArtX on LiveArtX Global 100 Golden Passes. Participate:


Community Updates

  1. An analysis article about the PDF attack method has been published.

Technical Updates


Triathon Mobile:

  1. The popup for adding HP in MyNFT module has been developed.

2. Listing has been optimized for MyNFT pages.

3. The animation of the MysteryBox homepage has been remodeled.

4. Popup of MysteryBox module has been developed.

5. The token detection leaderboard has been optimized.


Community Updates

  1. The Metaverse Guardian Welfare Giveaway Phase III campaign has been launched.

2. Phase I of “Ethanim DAO” has been launched.

3. The reissuing Ethanim Network 10K Bastet NFTs Giveaway Reward has started.

4. The First Batch Ethanim Network 10K Bastet NFTs Giveaway Rewards have been reissued.

5. Ethanim, Trias and LiveArtX launched a joint airdrop campaign.

Technical Updates

  1. The development of Bastet NFT lottery game has started.

2. APIs of Bastet NFT lottery game have been debugged.

3. Bugs on Ethanim Network mobile have been fixed.

4. The development of Bastet NFT body kits distribution based on Metaverse quiz has started and back-end APIs and smart contract APIs have been called.

5. Progress about the Bastet NFT Learning Module, APIs about whether users get a chance to join the quiz have been called and tokens used for API calls have been adjusted.

6. Partnerships and related functions on Bastet NFT homepage have been developed.

7. The token access control on Bastet NFT official website has been developed for “Connect wallet” or changing address.


Community Updates

  1. TusimaDAO Operations Guild has opened and is looking for contributors.

Technical Updates

  1. Tusima’s mobile website has been launched.
  2. Tusima privacy-related encryption algorithm has been optimized.
  3. Tusima block explorer API program and automated tests have been completed.

Product Development

  1. The MVD Information Architecture and release planning have been completed.
  2. Tuisma privacy technology white paper is being written.
  3. Tusima dApp wallet product design is in progress.




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